Groom Carried Down The Aisle In A Coffin

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The big walk down the aisle during weddings is usually reserved for the bride. A video posted on TikTok earlier this month shows a groom going all out to upstage his bride. His walk also delivered a message about his feelings on tying the knot.

He arrived in the back of a hearse. The vehicle was backed up to the edge of the aisle at the outdoor wedding. He was then removed from the hearse and carried down the aisle in a coffin by the wedding party.

Groom Carried Down The Aisle In A Coffin
Groom carried down the aisle in a coffin (Image Credit: tobz88/TikTok)

The coffin is then placed at the makeshift wedding altar where the groom pops out. He stands behind the wedding party momentarily before they head to their positions.

The video of the coffin being carried down the aisle, which has more than 8 million views, was captured by one of the groom’s friends and captioned, “Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic.”

The song “Rest in Peace” by Dorothy was added to the video to underscore the elaborate entrance. The look on the members of wedding party’s faces as they carry the casket says it all.

A Coffin Arrival Is One Way To Say You Don’t Really Want To Get Married

As a guy who has been married for a few years I can tell you that your marriage is what you make of it. In many ways, yes, the person you were prior to the walk down the aisle is no longer with us – RIP to those guys.

That said, this entrance is a little over-the-top and probably a red flag heading into a marriage. We can only hope the bride had an even more over-the-top entrance. Maybe her walk down the aisle consisted of her in a hooded cloak holding a scythe or something.

We can only hope. Otherwise I’m going to predict a few problems in the very near future for these two.

Written by Sean Joseph

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