Gronk Says Tom Brady Will Be ‘Back Playing Football’ Next Year

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If there’s anyone who might have a read on Tom Brady, it’s Rob Gronkowski.

“Man oh man, everybody wants to know about Tom Brady’s future,” Gronk said. “I don’t even think Tom knows what his future holds right now.”

That’s fair. But on the FOX NFL Pregame show Saturday, the former tight end seemed pretty certain that his old teammate would be back for his 24th season.

“He’s going to be ready to go next year,” Gronkowski said. “But let me tell you — It’s going to be whatever situation intrigues him the most. Whatever opportunity makes him the most excited to play the game of football, that’s where he will be next year.”

Gronkowski played 11 seasons with Brady, including two in Tampa Bay after Brady lured him out of retirement. The two have connected for 105 career touchdowns — the most in NFL history for a quarterback-tight end duo.

And Gronk says the 45-year-old quarterback has still got it.

“He was top-5 in passing yards last season,” Gronkowski said. “He can still play the game. And he’s probably getting some treatment on his arm as we speak right now.”

Gronk Says Tom Brady Will Be 'Back Playing Football' Next Year
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are the most prolific quarterback-tight end duo in NFL history. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Tom Brady, now a free agent, has not made an announcement regarding whether he will play football in 2023.

But there’s no denying this season was a disappointment. His Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished 8-10, and his offense averaged just 18.2 points per game (25th in the NFL).

“One day at a time,” Brady said. “Truly.”

Wherever he ends up, though, Gronk confidently said it’ll be “back playing football.”

“And if for some reason he’s not going to be, he always has a job with us next year, baby,” Gronkowski said.

This statement, of course, references Brady’s $375 million broadcasting deal with FOX Sports — the largest contract in sportscasting history.

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