Grizzly Bear Kills Woman After Big Time Camping Mistake At Montana Campground

Look, it’s not my intention here to dump on a camper for making a big-time wilderness error, but we must address what transpired Wednesday in western Montana where a grizzly bear attacked and killed 65-year-old Leah Davis Lokan from California. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks office released a report that includes news that the bear approached three campers in tents — that HAD FOOD INSIDE THE TENTS!

“The bear initially woke the campers but then ran away,” MFWP said in its news release. “The three campers removed food from their tents, secured it, and went back to bed.”

The bear returned hours later, attacked a chicken coop in the small town of Ovando and then turned its attention back to the campers.

“At about 3:30 a.m. the two people in the tent adjacent to the victim were awakened by sounds of the attack,” according to officials. “They exited the tent and sprayed the bear with bear spray. It has not been seen since.”

“The bear pulled the victim from the tent during the fatal attack.”

The Washington Post reports that Lokan was on a long-distance cycling trip, and her group, which included her sister and a friend, decided to overnight at a campground in the small town of 75 residents. According to the Daily Montanan, experts believe it was a 400-pound male grizzly that killed Lokan.

Again, I hate to go all-in on these people, but what in theeee hell were they thinking? All three had food in their tents? And not one of them thought, ‘Hey, you know what, this isn’t the least bit safe’?  I’m just some guy in Ohio, but I’ve spent enough time in Pennsylvania and Michigan to know even in those states you’re playing with fire leaving any food in a tent. Ovando, MT is in the middle of nowhere and the perfect spot for bears to come down looking for easy meals.

The Facebook losers will say this is dumping on a woman in a terribly tragic moment. Uh, how about we talk about how incredibly dumb it is to have food in a tent IN MONTANA or ANYWHERE NEAR BEARS?

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. People who camp in bear country without bear cannisters are nuts. And its not just food. You have to put things like toothpaste, deodorant, even your toothbrush in those things or bears will find them thinking its food.

    Bear repellant is advised, but if you are going overnight, I’d take a .45. Grizzlies and brown bears aren’t always repelled with the OC, especially if they have cubs with them

  2. It is really, really difficult to be ignorant of how to behave in bear country. As a frequent backwoods traveler I can assure you that the information on how to behave around bears is EVERYWHERE, you have to try real hard to avoid it. She had to have known and simply not taken is seriously.

  3. This is why the Boy Scouts used to teach you stuff like how to put all your food in a container and raise it into a tree. That was the 80s, and it would have kept them alive today.

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