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Gregg Popovich Compares Christopher Columbus To Hitler

The NBA regular season is still a week away, but Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is already in mid-season form. Never one to pass up an opportunity to lecture us, “Pop” turned his attention away from his poorly constructed roster and directed it towards Christopher Columbus, the explorer who has been dead for over half a millennium, and compared him to Hitler. The Hitler comparison came when Popovich learned that a San Antonio school district gave students Monday off to celebrate Columbus Day. “Are we that backward that we have school districts that do that? I’m amazed. Just amazed,” said Popovich before a recent Spurs preseason game. NBA coach Gregg Popovich on people observing Christopher Columbus Day: “It’s like saying, ‘We should be proud of Hitler because we are German.’" — The First (@TheFirstonTV) October 11, 2021 Before he commented on Christopher Columbus, Popovich, a noted wino, may have doubled up on the burgundy: “Columbus? He initiated a new world genocide. That’s what he did. Beginning with him and what he set in motion, and what followed meant the annihilation of every Indigenous person in Hispaniola, which was Haiti and the Dominican Republic today. He took slaves. He mutilated. […]



Written by Anthony Farris

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