Ryan Day, Greg Schiano Nearly Throw Hands During Heated Exchange After Egregious Late Hit On Disrespectful Fake Punt

Saturday’s game between Ohio State and Rutgers nearly became a Royal Rumble between the head coaches. Ryan Day looked like he was was ready to throw hands with Greg Schiano.

The incident, which occurred midway through the fourth quarter, came after an egregious late hit. The late hit came after a disrespectful fake punt.

Up by 39 points with just over nine minutes and 30 seconds left in the game, the Buckeyes faced 4th-and-2 from their own 39-yard-line. They lined up to kick the ball away and punter Jesse Mirco got set at his own 25.

Once the ball was snapped, Mirco rolled out to his right. Rather than booting it, however, he saw an opening, tucked the ball, and ran.

Mirco gained the two yards for a first down. He also went 21 yards further before ducking out of bounds. Not long after Mirco stepped onto the sideline, a Scarlet Knights defender stepped up. He laid a BIG hit on the punter.

It was very, very illegal. Mirco was definitively out of play and the penalty flag was thrown as players from both sides got up in each other’s faces and exchanged pleasantries.

Regardless of the fact that Ohio State had no business running a fake punt in that situation, the hit was dangerous. Mirco was defenseless and it could have ended very poorly.

Immediately after the two sides were pulled apart, the two head coaches converged on each other.

Greg Schiano and Ryan Day nearly came to blows.

Both coaches were HEATED and Day looked like he was ready to punch the former in the face if he had the chance.

The officials and assistant coaches deescalated things very quickly and separated the two coaches.

After the game, which Ohio State won 49-10, they both met at midfield. It was a cordial exchange and Day can be heard apologizing to Schiano.

As it would turn out, Mirco went rogue. The fake punt was not called by the coaches.

If they were not restrained, we might have been able to learn the answer as to who would win in a fight between Schiano and Day.

(I think Schiano is the odds-on favorite, but Day has that dog in him.)

Written by Grayson Weir

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