Greg Olsen’s Detailed Breakdown Of Eagles RPOs Leaves Viewers Wanting More Of Fox’s Top Color Commentator

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When Troy Aikman and Joe Buck left Fox for Monday Night Football, Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen were bumped to the ‘A team.’ It was a blessing in disguise.

Olsen has quickly become one of the best in the business, if not the best in the business. The 37-year-old former All-Pro tight end has a knack for being in the booth.

Although Olsen is in just his second season with the new gig, NFL fans have sung his praises all season, and Sunday’s NFC Championship was no exception. People at home, especially those who had not watched him all season, were enamored by Fox’s newest commentator.

Unfortunately, Tom Brady has a deal to join the Fox broadcast team after he retires as a color commentator. The greatest quarterback of all-time is going to get $37.5 million per year, so it would be hard not to put him on the No. 1 team.

That puts Olsen’s future in a bit of jeopardy, which many fans find disappointing.

Olsen would be equally as bummed if he gets replaced by Brady.

Greg Olsen’s prowess was on full display on Sunday!

Two particular moments in the NFC Championship game standout.

Early in the first half, Christian McCaffrey scored San Francisco’s only touchdown of the game. Olsen did a remarkable job of breaking down why the run worked and how McCaffrey got loose without swinging too far in the direction of patronization or over-complexity.

Later in the game, Olsen broke down the Philadelphia offense and how Run/Pass Options allow the Eagles to open up the field. He explained that the RPO play forces linebackers to freeze on the second level, which gives the running back extra time to beat him through the hole.

Again, Olsen made his breakdown easy enough for the common fan to understand, without dumbing it down to where someone with a deep knowledge of the game felt underwhelmed. He continues to shine in the No. 1 color role at Fox and will be on the call for the Super Bowl.

People who don’t know Olsen yet will know of his commentary greatness by the end of next month’s game between the Eagles and Chiefs!

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  1. I enjoy both Romo and Olsen, but Romo is more like the guy who played a long time and now hangs out in the bar at the club waiting for the next poker game, while Olsen is delivering a coaching clinic. Case in point – Olsen explaining last week exactly why the clock didn’t stop when Schultz went out of bounds giving up yardage, while Romo did somewhat, but ended up phrasing it more as a question, like he wasn’t sure. Even though I already knew, Olsen was clear and concise, while Romo seemed like he was pretty sure, but not 100%. Gives you the thought of “hey I know more than this guy”, kind of like my thought every time Mark Schlereth says something.

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