Texas High School Football Team Has Worn Bengals ‘White Tiger’ Helmets For Years And Has A Way Cooler Mascot

Thursday night marked the debut of some of the best alternate helmets in football. The Bengals beat the Dolphins by 12 points while wearing their brand new all-white uniforms and NFL fans far and wide could not get enough of the incredible lids.

Cincinnati took its normal orange and black striped uniforms and replaced the orange with white. They were awesome.

However, there is a high school football team in Texas that has been rocking the exact same helmet look for a long time. They did it first, though their mascot is a little bit different.

Grandview High School is located in Grandview, Texas, a town of just over 2,000 people. It competes on the 3A level and won back-to-back state championships in 2018 and 2019.

Needless to say, despite their size, they can play some ball.

Part of that success may stem from the amazing helmets on their heads. Look good, feel good, play good, right?!

Grandview’s mascot is not the Bengals— which are typically seen in the wild with black and orange stripes. They are the Zebras— which are only seen in the wild with black and white stripes.

As a result, Grandview High School football has worn the Bengals’ alternate white-striped helmets as their primary helmets for years.

They are equally as awesome as those worn on Thursday night.

In addition to the zebra-themed helmets, Grandview runs out onto the field from within the coolest team inflatable in the state, if not the entire country. It’s a giant zebra head that looks possessed.

Now, this is not a knock on the Bengals. Tigers are awesome and Cincinnati’s uniforms on Thursday were better than Grandview’s from top to bottom.

However, Tigers are super mainstream. There isn’t an NFL or college program nicknamed the Zebras, and they have been rocking the incredible helmets long before they were even an idea in Cincy. Credit where credit is due!

Written by Grayson Weir

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