Grand Jury Investigation Started on Deshaun Watson Case

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Deshaun Watson is in training camp and concurrently fighting 22 pending civil lawsuits related to sexual misconduct. On Friday, news dropped that a Harris County grand jury investigation is being launched to identify whether the litigation should be elevated to present criminal charges.

According to Fox 26’s Mark Berman, “… a Harris County grand jury investigation being used to determine if there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson stemming from the 22 civil lawsuits filed against.”

Berman’s report also noted that “Johna Stallings, Human Trafficking Section Chief for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, is sending out the subpoenas for the investigation.”

Earlier updates on behalf of Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, indicated that ten women had met with the Houston Police Department — all ten having filed civil suits against the Texans QB. With a culmination of 20+ ongoing lawsuits against Watson, several of them filed as felony assault over misdemeanors, he now faces potential prosecution and indictment, per an arranged grand jury’s decision.

As reported by OutKick’s Bobby Burack, two of the women accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct gave their accounts of the NFL’s ongoing investigation, noting major red flags along the investigators’ fishing for details. Both women were upset by the league’s handling of the case, notably during the queries from NFL investigators asking what the women were wearing at the scene, as a potential connection to Watson’s criminal actions.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the twenty-two women who have submitted litigation against Watson, has not commented on the potential grand jury news from Friday.

Stay tuned with OutKick to get the latest details on the ongoing investigation.

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