Some Wisconsin Fans Have Immature Reaction To Graham Mertz Transferring

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Graham Mertz’s career at Wisconsin is over, and some fans have had a very disappointing reaction to the news.

The former Badgers quarterback QB announced Sunday that he was hitting the transfer portal after starting 32 games since 2020 for the Badgers. He finished his career in Madison with 5,405 passing yards, 38 touchdown passes and 26 interceptions.

No matter how you cut it, Mertz never lived up to the hype that came with him as the highest-ranked QB recruit in program history.

Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz leaves the program. (Credit: Graham Mertz/Twitter)

Graham Mertz walked out the exit door.

Unfortunately, some Badgers fans have been far from mature with their reactions on Twitter. I saw countless examples – which I won’t link to because I’m not giving those people extra attention – of individuals mocking, dragging and burying the knife even deeper after Mertz made his announcement.

As maybe the biggest Wisconsin fan on the planet and king of the Badgers, it’s incredibly disappointing to see and it makes the program look terrible.

Graham Mertz is in his early-20s, beloved in the locker room and he gave everything he had to the program. It just didn’t work the way fans anticipated it would.

Graham Mertz leaves the Wisconsin Badgers after four years with the program. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

That happens in sports and disappointment happens in life. That’s just reality. Sometimes, much like relationships, it’s best for people to go their separate ways and get a fresh start.

Mertz is out the door, and hopefully finds a nice landing spot. There’s no reason to be tweeting at a young man because you’re not happy with his play on the field.

Do any of the morons dragging a man barely old enough to buy a beer really think he doesn’t know how bad his play has been? He left the team. If that doesn’t make it clear he knew the ride was over, nothing will.

Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz has left the program. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Mertz spent four years in Madison, and by all accounts, was incredibly respected and liked by those around him. Wisconsin fans should tip their caps and wish him the best. Anything less than that is unnecessary and makes the fan base look terrible.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.

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