Florida QB Graham Mertz’s Girlfriend Has A Dominant Instagram

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Florida QB Graham Mertz appears to be winning on and off the field.

Mertz led Florida to a dominant 29-16 win over the Tennessee Volunteers in The Swamp, and it was a monster night for Billy Napier, the former Badgers QB and the rest of the program.

For the first time in a long time, the Gators actually looked like a team capable of competing. A highly-ranked Tennessee team visited town and got rocked.

Gator fans love to see it. While going over some stuff from the game (the difficult job of finding photos from the action), I stumbled upon something else:

Graham Mertz’s girlfriend Alexis Loomans.

Florida QB Graham Merz is dating Alexis Loomans, and her Instagram is loaded with great content. Is she the internet’s next star? (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Graham Mertz’s girlfriend Alexis Loomans has star potential on Instagram.

I must admit that I know absolutely nothing about Alexis Loomans. Should I have? I feel like perhaps I should have. Mertz used to play for the Badgers (let’s not dig into that), and as a Wisconsin man, it seems like something I should have known.

Well, I didn’t, and I have to take responsibility for that oversight. I do know, and as a Big J journalist, did a deep dive into her Instagram.

It didn’t disappoint at all.

Loomans appears to be trying to make a name for herself in the social media/influencer world, and is Miss Wisconsin USA 2023. I truly didn’t even know those pageants were still a thing, but here we are! What a life to be living.

What I do know for sure is that Loomans’ Instagram is loaded with content that could compete with just about anyone.

Yet, she hasn’t cracked 20,000 followers yet. So much potential, but doesn’t appear to have come close to hitting her ceiling yet. Who else does that sound like? Graham Mertz.

Sounds like a match made in Heaven.

Can Mertz lead Florida to a few more huge wins this season? Can the Gators QB knock off another ranked opponent? Time will tell, but it’s hard to imagine things can get too difficult when you’re crushing it off the field by dating Alexis Loomans. She needs to pump up her follower count, but the potential is certainly there.

Written by David Hookstead

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