Grades For Attractive Female Students Dropped During Remote Learning

Remote learning was hard on students across the board. Nobody was hit harder than attractive female college students according to a recent study.

The study out of Sweden, found that the grades for attractive female students dropped during remote learning. The data was compiled from five groups of Swedish engineering students, who had their attractiveness rated by an independent group.

Attractive Female Students
A female student taking lessons from her math teacher over the internet listens to her teacher wearing headphones (Image Credit: Getty)

The author of the study Adrian Mehic, a graduate student at Lund University in Sweden, concluded that attractiveness played a role for both male and female students during in-person learning.

He said, “The main takeaway is that there is a beauty premium, both for males and for females, when teaching is on-site.”

More attractive students had higher grades for some classes, like business and economics, when taught in person. Newsflash, attractive people might enjoy benefits that less attractive people don’t.

When those same classes were taught remotely the grades for attractive females dropped. The drop in grades when classes went from in person to remote were not seen for attractive men.

More Studying Of Attractive Female Students Is Needed

While the study was able to find the drop in grades, it wasn’t able to explain why. Mehic said, “It seems to be quite difficult for researchers to answer why people discriminate based on appearance.”

“Probably, it’s because when we see an attractive person, we assign them some characteristics that they may not actually possess, such as intelligence,” he said. “More research is required to establish precisely why this happens.”

Someone knows when they have a good thing going. They just need a little more time to study attractive female college students.

Who knows? Maybe this guy can spin his research into other aspects of studying attractive female college students. You know, for science.

Written by Sean Joseph

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