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Research Finds Google Election Results ‘Strongly Biased in Favor of Democrats’

According to Dr. Robert Epstein, a research psychologist, Google’s search results during the weeks and months before the election were “strongly biased in favor of Democrats.”

“The bias was being shown to pretty much every demographic,” Epstein told Tucker Carlson. “This includes conservatives.”

“Conservatives got more liberal bias in their search results than liberals.”

Epstein concludes that his research team found what appears to be a “smoking gun.”


“We found a period of days where the vote reminder on Google’s homepage was being sent only to liberals,” Epstein adds. “Not one of our conservative field agents received the vote reminder.”

Once Epstein’s team went public with its findings, Google backed off its manipulation and sent vote reminders to all users.

The most alarming result of this study of the quantified manipulations is that Google’s antics could have shifted at least six million votes in favor of Joe Biden. “That’s the bare minimum,” Epstein claims.

For what it’s worth, six million is about Joe Biden’s margin of victory in the popular vote.

Epstein, as he admits on the show, is not a supporter of President Donald Trump. He is not some right-wing researcher trying to make excuses for the election. Does anyone really doubt this finding anyway? Aside from the media, there isn’t an industry more aligned with one political party than Big Tech.

Google, more so than any other entity, can sway the minds of voters. It currently owns a dominant, near 88% of the search engine market share. Bing and Yahoo, neither of which were found to have a political leaning during the researching process, combine for only 8%.

At least it wasn’t Russia, right?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.

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