Golfer Hannah Leiner Leads Off, Tacko Fall Riding A Bike & Yodel Kid’s Back With A Hit

Slowly but surely we’re starting to get the live sports back

I told you guys this week that I’m starting to watch MLS because there are no fake Euro fans in the stands chanting and banging drums trying to act like they’re from Berlin, but instead they’re from suburban Seattle. Last night I added The Basketball Tournament finale — great ending, by the way — and Top Rank boxing to my TV viewing. Travis Diener drained a game-winning three-pointer in The Basketball Tournament that was one of the best sports moments of the summer. I know, it’s slim pickings out there, but give the guy an ESPY for that shot.

And then I watched a Top Rank guy come out of his dressing room wearing a tiger mascot head with dreads for a four-round fight. He lost, but it’s OK. At least he gave us something interesting before the L.

The morale of the story this morning is that you have to find the silver linings out there this summer. I know the blue checkmarks are trying to make you miserable and bring you down to their miserable level, but you have to keep resisting. You have to keep finding things that make you feel human again and tonight it’s the NASCAR All-Star Race from Bristol where fans will be in the stands. Up to 30,000 will be allowed in. It’s at 8:30 ET tonight on FS1. Check it out.

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