WATCH: Kangaroos Join Australian Golfer On Course

Thank God Bryson DeChambeau's FaceTiming with Donald Trump and not hitting the links in Australia. Otherwise, there'd likely be a dozen or so dead kangaroos in the Land Down Under, and PETA would be forced to drop their fight against bullpens and bounce over to the Outback.

The reason? Kangaroo carnage on the golf course, as captured by amateur Wendy Powick.

WATCH below as a different breed of spectators eyes Powick's tee shot.

Earlier this week, Powick was lining up for a tee shot on the 11th hole at Australia's Arundel Hills Country Club when more than a dozen kangaroos unexpectedly gave her the Brooksie treatment.

"How's this for golf today? They've all decided to settle in the middle of the fairway," observed Powick's playing partner, who was doubling as a videographer.

Confused and amused, Powick jokingly responded, "They've come to watch me tee off."

A few seconds later, a rather large kangaroo sprang towards Powick and briefly mugged for the camera before hopping away, prompting the golfer to rhetorically ask, "What's going on?"

Eventually, like most species tasked with having to watch someone golf, the kangaroos got bored and moved along, allowing Powick to continue her round.


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