Viral Michelob Ultra Guy Now Has Official Merch & Limited Edition Cans On The Way

In a clear sign of the times, The Michelob Guy who remained in the moment as Tiger Woods hit an iron shot at the 2022 PGA Championship is being hailed as a hero for not grabbing his phone to record the shot for his Instagram or TikTok channels, if he has them.

The moment is showing no signs of slowing down its viral run as Mich Ultra Guy Mark Radetic, who hails from Missouri, is now doing the media rounds to talk about his big moment of just standing there holding his beer.

Things have taken off so much for Mark that the beer brand has created Michelob Guy t-shirts featuring Mark and his beer with the tagline, "It's only worth it if you enjoy it."

That's right, Mark has provided his name, image and likeness to Michelob and they're now selling the shirts and there could be special edition Michelob Guy beer cans coming soon.

Plus a Twitter account.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think standing there watching Tiger Woods hit a shot and me holding a beer that it would turn into this," Radetic said during an appearance on the The 73rd Hole podcast.

"I took some pictures as came up, but then, I'll be honest with you, I'm not very good with my phone. And as they say, live in the moment. And I wanted to watch him hit the ball because it was a tough second shot. Also, they had signs up, 'Do not take pictures of anybody or any player within 100 yards.' Well, as you see, nobody paid attention to that. I put my phone down and just held on to my beer."

And now Mark, a CPA in Overland Park, Kansas, is a viral sensation providing serious amounts of impressions for a brand that is clearly going to ride this viral wave for as long as they can squeeze it.

Let's face it, Mark just hit the motherlode of beer for the rest of his beer-drinking days. Sure, it might take 40 Mich Ultras to catch a buzz, but his fridge will be stocked for years to come. This has to be one of those situations where Mark's entire neighborhood just knows to stop by the garage fridge -- or fridges after this -- and grab a cold one as they're walking around the neighborhood.

He'll never be able to drink the supply that's coming his way. I'm thinking mountains of Michs.

Mark is a dream come true for a beer brand, or any brand for that matter. It's cheap to turn him into a marketing campaign and much cheaper than hiring Kim Kardashian to fake drink a cold one.

By the way, imagine how it must feel for Mark to walk into a bar as The Michelob Ultra Guy and tell his buddies that this round is on him.


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