Tiger Tracker: 2022 Masters Tournament Round 2



18th Hole: Holly- 465 yards, Par 4

And after nearly five hours of play, we've reached No. 18. Haven't mentioned it much, but he hasn't limped at all today. He's passed that test through two days.

Struggled with this tee shot yesterday, RIPS one down the middle of the fairway today! 282-yard drive, 157 remaining to the cup. Yesterday it was his putter. Today it's been his driver that's been his most consistent club.

Damn. He pounded that approach shot, with an assist from the wind and he's well back there on the green. Pin location is near the front, so it's a 63-foot birdie attempt. Just needs to get close enough to guarantee par. He seemed shocked with how the wind took that one.

Wonderful ovation as he walks up to the green at No. 18. Again, just a sight to see that once again. Ha, Scottie Scheffler is running away with this. He's now -7. The World No.1 came to play.

I'd call that one a good effort. Lots of break, needed it to start earlier than it did, comes back right four-feet to the hole. He has that left for par. Patrons love it as he knocks it in for par. Great finish for Tiger to stay in the hunt. +1 for the tournament, +2 today.

Some didn't think he was capable of playing. Not only does he make the cut, but he goes into the weekend inside the Top-20. Just incredible stuff. Smiles all around as he makes his way to the clubhouse.

17th Hole: Nandina- 440 yards, Par 4

He came really close to getting a birdie on No. 17 Thursday, threw a dart to set it up. STRIPES a slight fade off the tee and is in the fairway. He's got great control of that club, right now. Has landed on the fairway in 9-of-13 attempts. 297-yard drive, 164 remaining to the pin.

9-iron approach lands on the fringe to the right of the hole. Not a bad shot, probably will putt that one from 27-feet.

He hated that birdie attempt instantly. Goes right and ends up four-feet from the cup. Taps in for par to remain +1 for the tournament, +2 today.

16th Hole: Redbud- 175 yards, Par 3

The historic 16th. Tiger drained a 25-footer for birdie Thursday here. FABULOUS shot, catches the slope and it rolls to 11-feet from the cup. Has a great look for birdie. Crowd was into that one.

I have ZERO idea how that one didn't go in. Back-to-back birdie attempts that barely miss. Settles for par... place was ready to erupt for that one. He stays at +1 for the tournament, +2 today. Scottie Scheffler is now -6, with a three-shot lead on the field.

15th Hole: Firethorn- 550 yards, Par 5

He had to battle to make par on No. 15 Thursday, but starts off with a BOMB down the middle of the fairway. 285-yard drive, 253 remaining to the pin. Appears to be locking in for these final four holes.

Gonna have to fly this over some water with a pin location in the back left of the green. FANTASTIC swing and he's in a great spot. Well over the water and just off the back of the green. He's got 20 yards from the pin. His chip shots have been great all day, needs another one here.

Wow, goes to show the difficulty of this course. Tapped this one and it just took off all the way to the other side of the fringe. What went from looking like a for sure birdie, has turned into a fight to save par. He's got 17-feet for birdie.

Just turns right at the last second and it's a par for Tiger at No. 15. He won't be happy about a three-putt there. +1 for the tournament, +2 today.

14th Hole: Chinese Fir- 440 yards, Par 4

Uncorks one off the tee. 172 mph ball speed right down the middle of the fairway. Not much time in between hole either which is a good thing. 304-yard drive, 145 remaining to the cup.

EXCELLENT approach shot that lands in the back of the green and comes back down, nine-feet to the cup. Another birdie putt coming up. Scottie Scheffler has moved to -5 to extend his lead to two strokes. He's dominating Augusta National.

OHHHH YES SIR!!! Walks it in and has back-to-back birdies and three in his last five holes. He's fighting right now, not going away one bit. You have to feel encouraged by his performance thus far if you're a Tiger fan.

13th Hole: Azalea- 510 yards, Par 5

Big Par 5 at No. 13. He birdied this one yesterday, absolutely needs it today. Can't afford to drop another stroke. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!!! We're nearly four hours into this round already...

Didn't turn like he wanted it to, but gets a favorable bounce out of the pine straw on the right. Kicks back into the fairway but a very awkward lie. 272-yard drive, 248 remaining to the pin.

While we wait, a Leaderboard update: World No.1 Scottie Scheffler is the leader at -4 for the tournament. Woods is seven strokes behind.

Lot of frustration there from Tiger. Ball doesn't hook left, goes mostly straight and he's 35 yards to the right of the green. Fortunate that it landed short of the creek up by the green.

Now that's a golf shot right there. AWESOME chip shot and he's got a three-footer for birdie. NEEDS it. BOOM!!! Birdie and he's back to +2 for the tournament, +3 today. GREAT ovation as well. Haven't heard that much today.

12th Hole: Golden Bell- 155 yards, Par 3

Notoriously tough hole, here. Have seen guys go a club up today to avoid the water and smack it well over. Just needs to stay dry. He's really thinking this one out but appears ready to give it a go. 7-iron.

As I mentioned above, guys have been clubbing up on this hole. Tiger did just that and is in the bunker. Same thing Brooks Koepka did today.

OH NO. He's overly careful out of the bunker and it barely makes it to the fringe, 12-feet out. Another bogey staring him in the face.

Again, he gives it a nice ride but it just goes past the hole. He's got a tap-in for bogey. So, after two birdies put him back to +1, he's recorded back-to-back bogeys and is +3 for the tournament, +4 today. Just one shot inside the cutline.

11th Hole: White Dogwood- 520 yards, Par 4

Time for a stroll around Amen Corner. A pivotal three holes coming up. Sends a drive right and into the pine straw. Gonna have to play a nice draw with the dogleg right. 284-yard drive, 212 remaining to the cup.

Man, you can't do much better than that. Ball was touching the rough and pine straw, draws it around the trees and has 19 yards to the pin. GREAT stuff. I don't think the injuries are affecting him at all. Swings are looking pure.

Everything is running on these greens. Goes low and it runs past the hole. Has eight-feet for par. Not even close there. Started well right and didn't break. He knew it, too. Costly bogey drops him to +2 for the tournament, +3 today. Five strokes behind the leader.

10th Hole: Camellia- 495 yards, Par 4

Alright, we're halfway there as we head to the back nine. Overall, no limp at all. He starts off No. 10 with a 296-yard drive. 208 yards remaining. Doesn't get all the way past the ridge so he'll have a downfield lie. Another good opportunity to get on the green.

DART THROWER!!! Tiger Woods went after a tough pin location on the back right of the green, flirts with bunker and sticks three-feet from the cup. Lookin' for another birdie! Oh, and by the way, his best iron of the day BY FAR.

BOOM!!! Second birdie in his last three holes and he's making up ground. He's been bogey free since No. 5. +1 for the tournament, +2 today.

9th Hole: Carolina Cherry- 460 yards, Par 4

A MISSILE off the tee, 171 mph through the air, right down the middle of the fairway. 339-yard drive! 147 remaining to the pin. He struggled Thursday on No. 8 and 9, has picked it up today.

OOF, drops the club on impact and it lands right, off the green. Not a good swing at all and a missed opportunity on that approach shot. He's got 15 yards to the pin.

Not his best chip. Rides it low and past the hole. Gonna be a fast putt six-feet out. Buries it to save par. Another much needed save. Remains +2 for the tournament, +3 today.

8th Hole: Yellow Jasmine- 570 yards, Par 5

A great opportunity here to make up some ground. He bogeyed this one Thursday, wouldn't mind seeing another 330-yarder off the tee... Gets a nice swing away and keeps it in the fairway BARELY. About an inch more to the left and he's in the rough. 298-yard drive, 271 remaining to the cup.

More. Waiting. I. Hate. It. Here. 3-wood in hand, gonna try to get it on in two. This should be fun. Pretty good effort there, played an extreme draw to turn it onto the green, it lands just ahead of the fringe. 20 yards to the pin.

TIGER. WOODS. MASTERCLASS. Goes with a sand wedge and puts it two-feet from the cup. Best look at birdie of the day, and he's CHEWIN' that gum!

BOOM!!! First birdie of the day and he's back on track. +2 for the tournament, +3 today.

7th Hole: Pampas- 450 yards, Par 4

HERE. WE. GO. Best swing of the day and CRUSHED it down the left side of the fairway. Best drive of his tournament thus far. 330 yards!!! Also just his second fairway from a tee shot today. Just 123 left to the pin.

Let's check in now with Dr. Chao, who is seeing things that concern him through six holes plus.

Alright, we're lookin' good. He gets this approach shot to the green, just stays above the ridge that would have brought it down the green and away from the hole. 14-foot birdie attempt here. Would be nice to have...

You know, sometimes it be like that... us amateurs can relate.

Off line to the right and sprints past the hole. Now has a tough five-footer uphill to save par. And he sinks it, a MUCH needed par to stay where he's at. +3 for the tournament, +4 today and six shots off the lead.

6th Hole: Juniper- 180 yards, Par 3

He threw his first dart and drained his first birdie on No. 6 Thursday, but with these conditions, just need to get on and save for par.

Same, Riggs. Same. I guess we've also reached the "waiting awhile in between holes" part of Augusta National...

Okay, finally ready to go from No. 6. Takes a 7-iron and puts it on the green. Might be what he needs to get some confidence back. He has 36-feet for a birdie but a par would be just fine. No issues today with his walking or his back, from what I've seen. Course conditions are just brutal.

Leaderboard update: Charl Schwartzel, Sungjae Im and Danny Willett are -3, T-1. A good sign at least that nobody is running away from the field. Impossible to do so today.

Well, he gives it a good ride but comes up short again. Taps in for par to remain at +3 for the tournament, +4 today.

5th Hole: Magnolia- 495 yards, Par 4

Man, Tiger is having a rough go. That was your typical Sunday Slice from him off the tee. 280 yards into the rough on the right side. Not putting himself in easy situations.

About that kind of day right now...

Chops one out of the pine straw back into the fairway. 113 yards from the pin. He NEEDS to land this. Anddddd it's beautiful! Slight kick back but he's got a good look at par. 11-feet from the cup. The sweater has come off and the aqua green is glistening in the Augusta sun! Time to get on a run...

Wow it just rolls off the cup and ANOTHER bogey for Tiger. That's four in five holes to open this round. Augusta National isn't playing around today.

4th Hole: Flowering Crab Apple- 222 yards, Par 3

Pin location was tucked away to the left Thursday, now all the way on the right. Lots of green to work with. Takes an aggressive line at the pin and it's short and to the right... off the green again. Just hasn't been able to settle in early on. Look on his face shows it. 15 yards remaining with a chip coming up.

It's getting a lot worse before it gets better. Skips it in low and it turns around and falls down the green, away from the cup. A VERY tough par putt here at 29-feet. Looking at a third bogey in four holes.

OH MY GOODNESS was that close!! The line was perfect but just runs out of steam. That's indeed three bogeys in four holes and drops him to +2 for the tournament, +3 for Round 2.

3rd Hole: Flowering Peach- 350 yards, Par 4

Short Par 4 here and he lands a nice iron on the right side of the fairway. Really easy swing there, flies it 213 yards. He'll have 127 to the pin.

You can see here the reaction as he came very close to draining that birdie putt on No. 2. Wanted it badly, wasn't far off. I'd argue that's been the most consistent part of his game 20 holes in.

"Wow, look at that thing," Woods says immediately, staring to the heavens with a smile on his face. Folks, this wind is REAL. Approach shot lands right and off the green. More short game magic needed to save par.

I just brushed it with his putter and that thing still took off. Green are FAST right now and wind is howling. Seven-foot par putt coming up. Oh, mannnnn. He pulls it left and he'll have to settle for bogey. That drops him to +1 for the tournament, +2 today.

Oh, joy. Announce team says it's gonna be a lot of waiting in between holes. Thursday's round went over five hours!!! Looks like we're in for another long one...

Tiger goes driver off the tee as opposed to 3-wood from Thursday and hits it well, but it rolls long and into the right side bunker. You can already see the effect of the dry course starting to show. Can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage when things like that happen. 311-yard drive, 285 remaining, but he will have to layup.

Nice layup, center of the fairway. 177 yards, 109 to go. Wedge shot coming. He rides it in there short, will have a 26-foot birdie chance.

He had a good line on that birdie chance but just didn't turn in enough. Taps in for par to remain even. You take that 10/10 today. Birdies won't be easy, it's about managing the course and playing par golf.

1st Hole: Tea Olive- 445 yards, Par 4

Alright, everybody. We are off and running in Round 2 of the Masters, with Tiger Woods at the tee box. As you could imagine, another great ovation as he arrives. The walk looks good, not limping really at all, which means the ice bath must've worked...

Tiger saved par Thursday on No. 1, after hitting a drive just short of the right side bunkers. Let's see the effect that the wind will have here. "Fore please, now driving, TIGER WOODS." Never gets old...

He watched that one awhile off the tee. Doesn't appear to like it. Camera work wasn't ideal there, hard to tell where it ended up but certainly off the fairway. Looks like he's in the bunker, about a 278-yard drive, 145 remaining.

Moans and groans from the crowd as his approach shot goes right, off the green. He's hit just 9-of-19 greens so far. Short game will be tested early on once again. Tiger takes his chip shot to seven-feet from the cup. He'll have that to save par. No easy task.

Unable to convert, not really close and Tiger falls to even through No. 1. Hardly the start he wanted or needed.

What Is Tiger Wearing?

We have our first glimpse of what Tiger is wearing in Round 2, as he was spotted on the putting green just ahead of his tee time of 1:41 p.m. ET.

It appears Tiger will be rolling with a navy signature Woods Nike hat, aqua green signature Woods Nike polo, navy signature Woods Nike pants and as pointed out by OutKick's Dr. David Chao, FootJoy shoes as opposed to the typical Nike ones we typically see. FootJoy's are known for their comfort and support, as opposed to the slick look of Nike's.

Tiger Looking To Build On Successful Round 1

Welcome into OutKick's Round 2 coverage of Tiger Woods at the 2022 Masters Tournament! Thursday was a landmark day in the history of the PGA Tour, as we witnessed the return of the five-time Masters and 15-time major champion back to Augusta National Golf Club.

504 days since his last shot on Tour, Woods made it back in time to shoot -1, 71 during Round 1 Thursday -- an incredible feat with a soft course for much of the day. Round 2 is here, with much tougher conditions, but ones that might play well for Woods.

Heavy Winds Should Help Tiger In Round 2

Round 2 of the 2022 Masters Tournament is underway, albeit with course conditions much different than what we saw on Thursday.

Wednesday's heavy thunderstorms created a soft course with birdies to be had. Two days of sunshine and heavy winds are now expected to dry the course up, playing right into the hands of Tiger Woods (-1, T-10), who is set to tee off at 1:41 p.m. ET. A much faster course is now on the plate, meaning that Woods should gain extra yardage and roll on his drives.

The wind is projected to pick up at around 3-4 p.m., reaching as high as 31 mph. From 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., winds should sit in the 18-21 mph range. Woods himself cracked a smile when asked about the wind, knowing that it should play well to his game.

Considering his leg injury and five back surgeries, Woods needs the extra yardage to have a shot to compete. Thursday's round, while an excellent display of golf considering that Woods hadn't competed in a PGA Tour event since 2020, didn't come without its issues.

Augusta National played quite long for Woods, meaning that a majority of his approach shots failed to outright hit the green or fell short of the pin. Good thing for Woods, however, is that his hands are still there and his putting saved him from dropping strokes. Woods recorded just two bogeys, while saving par on 13 holes.

Stay tuned with OutKick as we track every shot and moment from Woods' Round 2 at the 2022 Masters Tournament. If you missed anything from Woods' Round 1 Thursday, you can find it here.

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