Max Homa Hits Bad Bunker Shot, Reacts With Excellent Club Throw

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the best events on the PGA Tour. The 16th hole is arguably the most iconic in the sport. Max Homa entered Sunday well back of leader Scottie Scheffler, but he still strives to put on a show for the legions of fans.

There are a few ways to do that. Obviously, playing a great round of golf is the best way to do it. That makes the fans and the player happy.

But, if you're not going to play a great round of golf, at least mix in some antics. Max Homa did exactly that during his final round.

Max Homa can throw a club with the best of 'em

Sitting at -1 on the day, -5 for the tournament, Homa hit his drive on the par-4 sixth hole into a fairway bunker.

Despite the errant drive, Homa still had a decent look at the green. Unfortunately, his bunker shot hit the lip of the sand trap and only traveled about 100 yards, leaving him another 80 yards from the hole.

Homa was not happy with that result. And, speaking of Happy, he pulled a Happy Gilmore and flung his club in disgust.

Many people tweeted that Max Homa is "one of us." Anyone who has played even one round of golf is familiar with both the emotions and the club throw. Who hasn't hurled their 7-iron in disgust?

I once snapped my 6-iron after a poor shot, and I've seen at least two of my buddies huck their clubs into trees.

"The club went further than the ball!"

Thanks for reminding us that it happens to even the best, Max.

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