After Winning $300k, Golfer Max Homa Dined At An Airport Chili’s

$327,222.22 can afford you a lot of things, but it apparently can’t buy you chicken tenders from Chili’s, that staple of Americana that Michael Scott once coined “the new golf course.”

Pro golfer Max Homa finished this weekend’s PLAYERS Championship tournament in sixth place, earning him just under $330k. Upon winning, he celebrated like a novice salesman with a cheap suit, a flight delay and the company credit card — he treated himself to Chili’s.

Only one problem. They were out of chicken tenders.

“I’m currently chatting with (Homa) at the JAX airport Chili’s,” tweeted Christopher Powers of Golf Digest. “He ordered chicken tendies and the waitress came back and said they ran out. Day ruined.”

Homa confirmed the somber news in a tweet of his own: “This was devastating.”

With tenders no longer an option, Homa didn’t need a caddie to advise him about his next move. He opted to keep it in the chicken family, but pivoted to the bone-in variety.

When a fan joked that he should’ve made the other nearby patrons an offer for their leftover tenders, Homa responded: “Nah, I got Buffalo wings instead. Solid backup plan all things considered.”

Some would argue Buffalo wings should’ve been the first choice, but that’s an argument for another day, in another airport.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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