Golfing Legend Jack Nicklaus Sued For Illegally Using 'Name and Likeness'

Jack Nicklaus is here to remind us that there are two sides to NIL.

As reported by Radar, a new lawsuit has emerged on behalf of a business that bought the rights to Nicklaus' name and likeness for an outrageous $145 million in 2007.

The litigation, filed in a New York court, accuses the golf legend of using his name for profit, despite it technically belonging to the company.

"The suit was filed by Nicklaus Companies, LLC against GBI Investors, Inc. and Nicklaus himself," stated the report.

"Nicklaus Companies contended the golfer then engaged in a series of wrongful behaviors that were against the best interest of the company's use to license and market his trademarks."

One instance cited in the report involved Nicklaus' discussion with Saudi golf in 2021.

The company reportedly intervened in the deal that the Saudis had offered Nicklaus — centered around a major payday of $100 million to poach the golf legend from the PGA Tour.

OutKick's Joe Kinsey detailed the potential deal and Nicklaus' response to sticking with the PGA.

"I was offered something in excess of $100 million by the Saudis, to do the job probably similar to the one that Greg is doing," Nicklaus stated. "I turned it down. Once verbally, once in writing. I said, 'Guys, I have to stay with the PGA Tour. I helped start the PGA Tour.'"

"Fortunately for Nicklaus Companies — and Mr. Nicklaus — the Company was eventually able to convince Mr. Nicklaus to stop exploring a deal for the endorsement of the Saudi-backed league," the lawsuit stated. "The Company essentially saved Mr. Nicklaus from himself by extracting him from a controversial project that could have not only tarnished his legacy and reputation but severely damaged the Nicklaus Companies' name, brands and business."

The Saudi-backed LIV Golf league will also carry big purses for its contestants.

"Norman's new league will hold eight events and give out $25 million over seven of those events followed by a massive $50 million purse for a team-event final that will be hosted at Trump Doral. First place will pay $16 million to the winning team that survives the four-day, four-round match play tournament that will include 12 teams."

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