Extremely Sweaty Tiger Woods Finishes Up-And-Down First Round With Uncomfortable, Potentially Painful Shot On 18th Hole

Seeing as the 87th edition of The Masters is being played on four days that end with "y," Tiger Woods is the talk of the tournament. The 47-year-old golf legend returned to Augusta National to be apart of a tradition unlike any other for the 25th time in his storied career, and second time since suffering a harrowing, near-fatal car accident in 2021.

Woods is amongst the most polarizing figures in sports, and the interest in his every move was exemplified by a massive crowd during Monday's practice round. It did not waver as the first round got underway on Thursday.

Woods was swarmed with spectators before he even took the first tee.

And as his weekend got underway, significant concern surrounded Woods' health. He admitted that his leg aches more than it did last year, and his caddy did not help to boost the outlook.

Despite the pain, Woods pushed through. It was clear, though, that he was exerting every ounce of energy in his body because he was as sweaty as they come.

Now, to be fair, temperatures hovered around 80º as the first round got underway in Georgia. Wind was practically nonexistent, and Jon Rahm was also pretty wet by the time he reached the first green.

But Woods was on a different level and sweat right through his white shirt.

Tiger Woods was sweaty sweaty.

His face was glistening.

His shirt was soaked.

He was drenched compared to his first round pairing, Xander Schauffele.

Even the announcers took notice!

Tiger looks steamy on Thursday.

Tiger could sweat in an igloo.

The fans at home were also quick to pick up on the amount of sweat pouring from Woods' pores.

Woods has always been a sweater, and the white shirt may have factored into the equation, but it was hard to neglect just how sweaty he was. He was so sweaty.

Even with beads streaming down his face, Woods stepped up to the first tee and smoked his drive.

From there, it was up and down, but mostly down to start. Woods struggled to get his putter going and bogeyed four holes through the first 11 with just one birdie after almost holing-out for an eagle on the eighth.

Woods was three-over through 12, with the leaders sitting at six-under. And based off of his sweat, it was not a brisk walk through the park.

He was working hard just to finish the round, but started to get hot (beyond the temperature) toward the end of Day 1 with birdies on 15 and 16.

18 did not go as well. Woods' tee shot came awfully close to the bunker and he was not pleased.

His second shot required him to get on a weird angle. After lifting the ball to the far sand trap, it was clear that Woods was not comfortable and potentially in pain.

He went on to miss a par putt and closed out his first round with a bogey. Woods finished at two-over, with the leader at seven-under as he went into the clubhouse.

Temperatures should drop some as storms roll through over the weekend. The only question is whether Woods will still be playing, let alone in contention. That second shot on 18 might have been a problem.