Donald Trump Congratulates Tiger Woods On His Masters Accomplishment

President Donald Trump, who has been encouraged to post more golf statements, was there for Tiger Woods Sunday with an inspirational message after the 46-year-old golf legend finished tied for 47th at The Masters on one good leg. Just 13 months after shopping for a prosthetic leg, Tiger somehow managed to finish and beat the likes of Adam Scott, Max Homa, Daniel Berger and Tyrrell Hatton on his way to that 47th place finish.

"Great job by Tiger Woods in the Masters, a true champion!" Trump said via a statement that was released onto Twitter where the President remains banned.

A simple statement and such a true statement.

The 45th President of the United States clearly understood the achievement of what golf fans were watching as Tiger managed to make the cut on one leg only to have the grind wear him down but not out of The Masters. The guy didn't give up, even as he drug that leg over Hogan Bridge on Saturday.

“It was an unbelievable feeling just to have the patrons' support out there,” Woods said after Sunday's round. “I wasn’t exactly playing my best out there, but just to have the support out there… I don’t think words can really describe that, given where I was little over a year ago and what my prospects were at that time.”

And then, after working so hard to finish at Augusta, Tiger committed to playing St. Andrews and The Open in July. "I won't be playing a full schedule ever again. It'll just be the big events," Woods said Sunday.

Mark your calendars. The Open will be held July 14-17.

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