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Now it’s a Brock Party

What a start to the postseason. I’d like to say I called it, because for the most part I did. The 49ers proved to be the better team, the Brock Party got off to a slow start but ultimately rolled on.

After heading into the half down 17-16, the Niners came out firing on all cylinders. They then dug a hole, threw the Seahawks in it, and ended Seattle’s season. 25 second half points was too much to handle and San Fransisco walked away with a 41-23 win.

Brock Purdy, a third-string rookie drafted with the final pick of the draft, is now 6-0 as a starter and very much relevant.

If you can’t root for this guy then you have some serious problems. He’s the underdog’s underdog and the 49ers are a serious contender.

The Chargers can’t stop being the Chargers

The Jaguars and Chargers game looked like it was going to be an absolute snooze-fest. Trevor Lawrence started the game by repeatedly throwing the ball to Chargers defenders. It had all the makings of a team handing a game away.

Lawrence’s four first half interceptions, three to Asante Samuel Jr., gifted Justin Herbert and the Chargers a 27-0 lead. The Jaguars added a score just before the half, and it wasn’t known at the time, but the comeback was on.

A team was about to hand the game over and ended up doing so in epic fashion. The Chargers blew a 27 point lead with some help from the officials and Joey Bosa, who couldn’t control himself and setup what proved to be a critical two-point conversion.

The Jaguars capped off the comeback win with a field goal that just snuck in past the upright as the Chargers continue to find ways to be the Chargers.

That’s right, there’s a lot of Jaggin off in Duuval taking place for the remainder of the weekend.

Get this man a one way ticket to Thailand

With that epic loss it might be time for the Los Angeles Chargers to hand Brandon Staley one of those one way tickets to Thailand. He can join the recently fired Kliff Kingsbury, who has reportedly purchased a couple of those one way tickets recently.

Kingsbury’s got millions of reasons to not answer any coaching calls. One of those being his Instagram model girlfriend Veronica Bielik, who is joining him on vacation.

It would be interesting to see how many teams give Staley a call, if the Chargers do part ways with him. Which they should absolutely do.

There’s more football to be played

The Chargers season might be over but there’s still football to be played. Four more games are on the schedule this weekend. There are three today before Tom Brady finds a way to play well enough past his bedtime on Monday night to defeat the Cowboys.

Give a Dolphins fan a hug as they attempt to take on the Bills in Buffalo with Skylar Thompson at quarterback. He’s a rookie, but he’s no Brock Purdy.

The second game on Sunday’s schedule will come down to one man, Kirk Cousins. If he can find a way into tricking himself that the game against the Giants is not a primetime game then the Vikings might just survive the Giants.

The evening’s festivities are topped off with a Ravens-Bengals game in Cincinnati. There’s no Lamar for Baltimore, which should mean no problem for the reigning AFC Champions.

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