Goalie Lehner Accuses NHL Teams Of Medical Malpractice

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Vegas Golden Knights goalie Robin Lehner is used to having shots directed his way. But over the weekend, the 30-year-old turned the tables and began firing off a few shots of his own, this time at the NHL. The Swedish goalie accused the league of supplying its players with benzodiazepines and Ambien without a prescription from a doctor.

Lehner points the finger at the NHL because of what he feels is an unfair league policy which allows teams to have the final say on how to treat player injuries. And indeed, the NHL collective bargaining agreement does give teams the last word on injury treatment.

“Is it common for work places to give out benzodiazepines to employees when they travel and Ambien? Should that not be done by doctors or psychiatrist? Asking for a friend,” tweeted Lehner.

After accusing the league of pushing pills, Lehner then implied that the pill problem is just one of many issues the NHL has swept under the rug. “I’ve made crazy amount of mistakes. But lying about what I’ve seen for 12 years is not one of them,” said Lehner in another tweet. “I don’t care what they say I don’t lie about these things. … I’ll keep going. Have stored stories for a year. Watch now when nhl will try cancel me.”

These accusations from Lehner stem from the way the Buffalo Sabres handled an injury to Jack Eichel, a former teammate of Lehner’s. Eichel suffered a neck injury in March and for months has been engaged in a battle with the team regarding treatment plans. Eichel has since requested a trade and for the Sabres to remove his captaincy.

Lehner hopes his message can encourage the NHL to change its ways, although some of his tweets sound more like a threat than advice made in good faith.

“I’m 100% an nhl fan. Love hockey and want the nhl to be great. I’m not trying to destroy anything. but do whats right. It’s time to walk away from the old ways and in to the new. Things have to change. I talk way to much and I still have 90% filter on. Don’t make me take it away,” tweeted Lehner.


Written by Anthony Farris

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