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Nothing fires me up like a Big J journalism #sacrifice tweet

Are you an aspiring Big J journalist? Are you looking for your big break in the business? Here’s how you make it happen: Dial-up a tweet where blue checkmarks get to brag about how hard they’ve had it inside the world of journalism. Bonus points if you can entice local TV blue checkmarks to dive into their memory banks about how hard they’ve had it. Double-bonus-bonus points if you can get the local TV blue checkmarks to tell you how little money they made at the beginning of their careers.

This isn’t a shot at Lena Pringle. I sorta highjacked her tweet to have some fun this morning with all the blue checkmarks who will slide in and ramble on about #sacrifice and how hard they’ve had it to reach the #mountaintop. I can speak on the journalism world because I’ve spent the last 20 years in it and around it: it’s 110% as slimy and full of bullshit as you think it is.

Sure, there are good guys covering high school sports out there just #grindin from one high school football game to high school volleyball game. But there are 20 douchebags for every one of those good-guy grinders out there.

I have made some dumb decisions in my life, but teaching myself how to build websites and how to be a blogger who could pay the bills will go straight into my obituary when that day comes. Besides getting married and helping bring children into this world, figuring out how to turn this into a career and get away from the Big Js has been my biggest life accomplishment.


• By now, you guys know I love hearing from our Ohio readers. I really, really love hearing from Ohio readers who pass Screencaps around in their text exchanges. Big Js get off on winning awards that they can use to get better jobs. I get goosebumps when guys like Michael in the ‘Nati send emails like this. This is pure jet fuel.

Hi Joe,

A loyal reader checking in from Cincinnati letting you know how much I enjoy your daily post like so many others. During the week it is often the highlight of my day to spend my lunch break scrolling through the post as a nice break from my job for a major healthcare company. I sent today’s link to my brother and some buddies and said “Hilde, Hannah Palmer or the field?” and it got me thinking that perhaps around March Madness time, or sooner, you could set up a Tournament of Babes similar to the Woke bracket challenge you had earlier. I’m guessing it would garner a lot of interest! Keep doing what you’re doing – we all love it out here.

PS – I absolutely hate cutting grass, am glad to pay someone weekly to do it, but still love the TNML content. Would much prefer to spend that time building decks, retaining walls, or indoor improvement projects…..grass is grass, a yard full of weeds or perfect blades has no effect on our game of cornhole.

• Jake in Oregon thinks he’s found the official beer of TNML:

Been enjoying OutKick since the start and TNML is the best. However TNML seems to be short on a west coast presence so thought I would chip in. Been a hot dry summer here in the northwest and the lawn looks rough, but that doesn’t stop one from trying. Lawnmower Lager is a great summer brew after mowing our drought-depleted grass, plus it is the cheapest microbrew around. I nominate it for TNML official beer.

• In Monday’s Screencaps, Evan A. was pretty fired up about a yellow nutsedge issue he’s having in his yard. Evan was down and out just seeking out a solution to an issue that had him in a bad place mentally. He was starting to give up when all of a sudden Screencaps reader Johnny R. in Oklahoma came through with a huge suggestion on how to kill off the yellow nutsedge.

“Wow. Thank you! That’s what this is all about!” Evan wrote yesterday.

You’re damn right that’s what this is all about! The Big Js are off trying to win their hollow awards, climb a hollow career ladder and impress their hollow friends with their hollow jobs. I’m over here helping people with yellow nutsedge problems and providing a platform for real Americans to feel alive again.

Take that, Big Js!

• Beau in Toledo thinks you guys will enjoy this story from Steve Hartman of CBS News. Try not to get choked up over this one:

• Finally this morning, the email inbox has been hammered over the last 4-5 days. Trust me, I’ll get to your message and fit it in. I received a massive email from Pete G. on old fantasy football leagues that I think you guys will like as we inch closer to that Cowboys-Bucs game on Thursday night.


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