Baseball Broadcaster Apologizes After Saying N-Word When Discussing Negro League Museum

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Baseball broadcaster Glen Kuiper made an incredibly unfortunate mistake Friday night during the A’s/Royals game.

Kuiper, who is a broadcaster for the A’s, was trying to hype the Negro Leagues Museum prior to the game starting. The museum is attempting to fundraise $25 million for new facilities, according to The Associated Press.

Instead of saying the word “Negro” when talking about the museum, the popular broadcaster accidentally said the n-word.

“We had a phenomenal day today. N***er league museum and Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque,” Kuiper accidentally stated.

(Warning: Offensive language in video below.)

“I said something that didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. I just wanted to apologize if it sounded different than I meant it to be said. I just want to apologize for that,” a clearly dejected and crushed Kuiper said after coming back from a commercial break.

Glen Kuiper appeared to make a very honest mistake.

It’s very obvious Kuiper made a mistake. Nobody, even someone who holds hate in their heart, is going on live TV to end their career by dropping the worst racial slur in the English language.

He slipped up, was clearly crushed during his apology and obviously felt terrible about the situation. However, an apology wasn’t enough.

As you’d expect, he’s getting crushed for it. The A’s denounced him and people are calling for his job over the mistake.

The reality of the situation is it was a terrible mistake. There’s no way around it, but should it be career-ending? No. The answer is absolutely not.

In the current climate, the first reaction for many people is to ruin lives over mistakes. Intent matters, and he clearly had zero malicious intent.

Glen Kuiper accidentally says the n-word during broadcast. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video
Glen Kuiper accidentally says the n-word during broadcast. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video

The situation is almost identical to the one Barstool Sports fans just saw with Ben Mintz. The former Barstool personality was fired when he slipped up and said the n-word while rapping a song.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy claimed he had to fire Mintz because Penn could have lost its gambling licenses. Whether you believe that claim or not, the man was fired over an innocent mistake.

No mercy. No understanding. Just fired.

Ben Mintz and Glen Kuiper both made unfortunate mistakes, but mistakes, nonetheless. There was no hateful or malicious intent. Mintz has already been fired and Kuiper’s fate remains unclear. Hopefully, cooler heads prevail within the A’s organization and a man’s life isn’t ruined over a slip-up. He apologized and looked ready to cry. He clearly didn’t intend to say it.

Written by David Hookstead

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