Richard Jefferson Dishes On Gilbert Arenas’ Crazy College Scam Involving Fake Autographed Basketballs

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Every story that comes out about three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas seems to be crazier than the one before. He was always up to something. Always.

Arenas, who grew up in Tampa, Fla., was a first-team All-Pac-10 player at Arizona in 2001 before being drafted in the second round of the NBA Draft. Agent Zero, as he is known, went on to be one of the better point guards of his era and spent time with the Warriors, Wizards, Magic and Grizzlies.

Perhaps most famously, beyond his on-court play, Arenas was suspended for most of the 2009-10 season because of handgun violations. He recently spoke about his experience in relation to Ja Morant and spoke about how 23-year-olds do “stupid sh*t.”

Arenas would know a thing or two about doing “stupid sh*t” in his youth. He was WILD, especially in college— just ask Richard Jefferson.

The most recent story from Gilbert Arenas’ past is amongst his craziest.

While speaking with Jefferson, Arenas told the story from their college days. He used to leverage fake memorabilia to get in with local restaurants and businesses. The former Wildcat started by saying that he stole 50 to 100 of the basketballs that his team was required to sign before the season.

Jefferson quickly set the record straight and told the full story.

Arenas only stole a few of the signed basketballs. Instead, he purchased the majority of the balls that he said he “stole.” And then forged the rest of the team’s signature, and gave away the fake autographed balls.

Jefferson even encountered one of Arena’s fake signed balls at the airport in Tucson!

Had Arenas been caught giving out the signed balls, he and Arizona would have been in a lot of trouble with the NCAA. Had it been found out that the autographs weren’t even real…? It could have been much, much worse.

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