Giants Say They Won’t Trade for Deshaun Watson

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The New York Giants will not trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson, says team co-owner John Mara.

The Texans plan to trade Watson at some point this offseason. Because the Giants expressed interest in former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, whom Watson likes, NFL reporters surmised last week that the Giants could hire Flores and trade for Watson. But Mara quickly crushed those talks.

“We’re not trading for Deshaun Watson,” Mara said Wednesday.

Mara adds that Watson is “not the right fit” because of the sexual assault allegations made against him and the Giants’ salary cap problems.

So far, both the Dolphins and Giants have said they will not trade for Watson. So who will?

Though Watson is facing 22 sexual misconduct allegations and a likely suspension next season — he did not play in 2021 — there should still be a market for him after the court adjudicates him.

The Broncos, Panthers, and Eagles are possible landing spots for Watson, assuming the Browns stick with Baker Mayfield and the Steelers avoid Watson trade talks.

Now, football people lie. So no one would be stunned if Mara changes his mind and trades for Watson next week. Yet if we take Mara at his word now, Giants fans should expect another season of Daniel Jones.

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  1. “Still a market for him after the courts adjudicate him “what a sorry ignorant statement he’s facing multiple felony sexual assaults those are criminal offenses a real fucking menace to women last time out won 4 games nobody wants this criminal pos

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