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The Myrtle Beach Pelicans, a Low-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs absolutely owned the weekend with the introduction of its Beer Bat and the fast thinking of team GM Ryan Moore who figured out how to sell the bats and drink beer at the same time. A simple tweet Saturday from an Ohio University student enjoying a Pelicans game and a cold one from the Beer Bat turned this novelty item into the must-have of the summer.

Moore and the Pelicans wasted no time creating a way for fans to get their hands on the must-have bat. “Due to licensing rules – we can’t directly sell you the Beer Bat (unless you’re in the ballpark),” the Pelicans tweeted Sunday. But that’s when they found a work-around. You can Venmo the GM $25, and he’ll drink a cold one and send you the bat.

And there it is, folks, minor league baseball at its finest. Moore spent Sunday with his feet in the sand suckin’ down cold ones and getting alerts for orders coming in at a rapid pace. For those of you who think this is some ripoff, Moore promises this is the real deal. You’ll get a bat. Ryan Moore went from an unknown Low-A GM to a hero over 24 hours. He will fulfill that order. His career in sports depends on it.

When Moore was asked if the Pelicans will be doing this promo all season, the rising star general manager humbly responded, “All day every day!” Ryan Moore has his very first viral Bill Veeck moment.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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