Get Ready For The Next Outrage: Breastfeeding Children Will Not Be Allowed To Travel For Olympics

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Move away from the boob…If you’re a breastfed baby of an Olympic-bound mother, that is. According to Yahoo Sports, a spokesperson for the International Olympic Committee said that it is “highly unlikely” that “unaccredited people from overseas” — which would include infants and caregivers — will be granted entry into Japan for the Games.

Barring a last-minute change of heart from the IOC, Olympic athletes, including breastfeeding mothers, will head to Tokyo without their families. A committee spokesperson told Yahoo: “Following discussions with the IOC, it has basically been decided to give up on allowing athletes’ family members and other companions to accompany them to the Games.”

United States Olympians have stated that they’d hoped to have their kids join them at the Games. Women’s soccer standout Alex Morgan previously told The New York Times: “It’s important to allow mothers the option to have their kids with them when they compete. If a child is under 1 or 2, they might still be breastfeeding, so that’s a huge piece of it.”

Earlier this spring, another U.S. Olympic representative, sprinter Allyson Felix, shared similar thoughts with The Times: “I would be most sensitive to moms who are breastfeeding,” she said. “I know for me, when I competed when [her daughter] was under a year old — you need to be near your child.”

Without question, this is a difficult decision for Olympic-bound mothers. But they’re not the only one’s suffering. Countless babies who, like OutKick’s Clay Travis, have come to appreciate boobs (and the First Amendment) will soon be weaned off the nipple and forced to guzzle store-bought formula.


Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Where are all the feminists now? Raising the fist for the milk brigade? The hypocrisy is unbelievable. How the Japanese have let themselves go this far boggles the modern mind. When Ebola kicked off (again) they *asked* people to submit to a temperature check and screening upon entry in Narita, and that was it.

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