German Woman Accused Of Finding Lookalike On Instagram, Killing Her To Fake Own Death

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German officials say a 23-year-old woman scrolled through Instagram until she found the woman to be murdered in an attempt to fake her own death.

The suspect in this bizarre case, identified as beautician Sharaban K. is accused of the brutal murder of 23-year-old Algerian beauty blogger Khadidja O. who was stabbed more than 50 times, according to prosecutors who say Sharaban staged the murder to look like she’d been killed in her Mercedes.

At first, cops had reason to believe Sharaban K. was the real victim, but upon further investigation via the autopsy, it became clear police were dealing with something they’d never seen in the Internet era.

The suspect, identified as Shahraban K. (left), is accused of killing a lookalike, beauty blogger Khadidja O. (right) to fake her own death. Instagram / TikTok

“It has been confirmed that the accused had contacted several women via Instagram before the act who seemed to look similar to her,” Attorney General Veronika Grieser told German media outlet Bild about the August murder. “It can be assumed that the suspect wanted to go into hiding, due to internal disputes with her family, and fake her own death.”

Prosecutors say the suspect used fake Instagram accounts to go hunting for women who would be considered for the plot. Khadidja O. was contacted and agreed to a meeting on August 16. The victim was picked up in Heilbronn, Germany and began traveling to Ingolstadt, Germany with Shahraban K. and her accomplice Sheqir K.

Khadidja O. was stabbed more than 50 times, according to German officials investigating the doppelganger case. / TikTok

“During the return journey, the victim was lured out of the vehicle as planned under a pretext and killed in a wooded area with a large number of stabs in the body, insidiously and for base motives. The accused then continued their journey to Ingolstadt, where the body was found on the evening of August 16th. was found lying in the vehicle,” police reported.

Sharaban K. and Sheqir K. now face life in prison.

In August, days before her death, Khadidja took to TikTok to post a video she titled, “Places I want to visit before I go.”

Two days later, Khadidja posted her final TikTok.

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  1. Scary story, I’m assuming the alleged perpetrator used money to lure this victim. But I dunno, I can’t imagine a stranger/s messaging me out of the blue, and then I fly out to meet them and drive hours with them to their place in a car. Seems Common sense here may have been lacking on the part of the victim!

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