Geraldo Loses Cool On Live TV, Calls Dan Bongino An SOB During Debate On Police

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With video footage of Minneapolis burning behind the set, FOX News commentator Geraldo Rivera offered a solution to keep police from shooting noncompliant suspects. “Carry the taser in the dominant hand, and the 9mm (handgun) in the secondary hand,” Rivera said.

Political commentator Dan Bongino was also part of the broadcast, and he sort of grunted in his retort. “I don’t even know how to respond to that,” he said of Rivera’s plan.

Then Rivera loudly interrupted. “You’re nothing but a name-caller. You’re a cheap-shot artist,” Rivera shouted at Bongino.

And that was about the nicest thing Rivera had to say. After more heated back-and-forth, Rivera finally blew a gasket.

“You son of a b*tch!” Rivera yelled, before calling Bongino a “punk.” Bongino responded by telling Rivera that he “wouldn’t tell me that to my face.”

Check out the exchange in the video directly below.

And for those who may want to see how it got to that point, here’s 7 more minutes …

Rivera has long had a reputation for intensity on the air — though this is probably the first time he’s cussed somebody out. But Bongino has been a New York City police officer, so he was speaking from experience, while Rivera has no such experience in the field. Clearly, that didn’t sit so well with Rivera.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Geraldo has always been a knee jerk liberal. and a showman without substance.

    in investigative days were good butt brief.

    his talk show made him rich and devalued his brain. a 78 year old man behaving like a child on national tv two nights in a row. and he turned his back on Trump last year. Trump saved his career with the apprentice. fox helped too.

    creep like chris wallace

  2. Dan needs to pivot the conversation when Geraldo goes this route. It’s usually an indication that Geraldo is flailing. He does this to (1) Distract the person and the audience because he’s losing. (2) To prompt the other person to say something inflammatory so he can pivot the conversation in another direction. The best thing for Dan to do: Stick to your experience and cap it with ,”Geraldo, you are all over the place, and I can’t help you.”

    • Here is what Geraldo and other leftists are doing. They know what FBI crime stats say about cops shootings Black Vs White. What they have recently pivoted to is that blacks per capita are twice as like to get shot than whites. I’m not sure if that’s correct or not because the media lies. Let’s suppose that it is though so go one step further then. What is the per capita crime rate by race? I haven’t looked it up but I’ll bet Asians are far down on that list. So perhaps there needs to be tougher meaningful discussions had about why is crime so high in certain communities or populations? And no climate change isn’t a reason. You can use systemic racism as a reason but I’m telling you that isn’t a thing right now. So how do we move from that. You cannot change history. If you act like it is still a cause and a problem and as cities burn again for 2 years now it 100% will be an issue again as companies no longer operate in these communities

      • Nice. I was about to point out that Geraldo was playing that “per capita” card on the occasions of cops/black civilian shootings, with his “twice as likely” lying. No, they’re not twice as likely to be shot by police despite the nation’s demographics because they’re way more likely to be in a crime-related cop/suspect encounter. Typical of how the left lies, not really to win debates (because their opponent usually knows it’s a lie) but to pop a squat of bad stats and false “facts” to make the dummies in their audience believe them.

        Sen. John Kennedy said it this week too — some race and ethnic communities have a crime problem. Black males, who make up about 7% of the population, commit about 40% or more of all violent crimes. Talk about overachievers. Until blacks and white liberals address that, their whining and screaming should fall on deaf ears.

  3. A former police officer and secret service agent being lectured to by the guy who is still searching for the contents of Al Capone’s vault. Geraldo, perhaps you should ride with the police in one of these crime infested areas to get a look at what really goes on daily and nightly. The only extra equipment you would need be a pair of Depends. I expect that someone with your armchair courage would need them if something serious started to transpire.

  4. Geraldo at this point is just like a poor man’s Skip Bayless. His schtick is to be contrarian and loud about it, but instead of getting people to actually watch/listen he just makes people change the channel while rolling their eyes.

  5. I saw it Geraldo was way out of line kept talking over Bongino got real personal made himself look very foolish and Hannity should have had better control what could have been an interesting segment ended up just hardly watchable

    • For sure, James, Hannity shoulda…but he’s thinking “ratings” all the time (can’t disagree, that’s how he’s judged, like sports stats), so he’s salivating over the next cage match between Dan and Gerry. Not sure if they’re on every M – W – F ?

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