Georgia Primary Voting Skyrockets, Clay Travis Says MLB Owes State An Apology

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The phrase “get woke, go broke” has grown in popularity in the last five years or so because, quite frankly, it’s true. We now have a lengthy list of big-name corporations that have taken a major financial hit when they decided to adopt a “social justice” marketing scheme that lectures consumers about supposed racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Major League Baseball is one of those corporations, and its foray into Georgian politics last summer turned out to be a big whiff.

Thirteen months ago, MLB, under the leadership of commissioner Rob Manfred, decided to relocate the All-Star Game out of the city of Atlanta because the people of the state of Georgia had recently voted to implement stricter voter fraud prevention measures. MLB officials argued that fraud prevention was a ruse and that such measures were intended to prevent black people from voting.

That decision not only affected fans around the country who had made travel arrangements to attend the All-Star Game, but it devastated the local Atlanta community, which had looked forward to the hefty bump in commerce that the event inevitably brings.

And it was all for naught. It turns out, the new Georgia voting law — which MLB alleged would restrict access to the ballot box — has done no such thing. According to Gabriel Sterling, Georgia primary voting is up 223% over the midterm primaries of 2018, and now OutKick founder Clay Travis believes that MLB owes the state of Georgia an apology.

So basically, MLB got everything wrong. In April of last year, it moved its All-Star Game to Denver and deprived Atlanta, a city with a majority black population that had been devastated by government lockdowns, of some desperately needed revenue. It postured about “supporting voting rights” and accused much of its own fanbase of latent racism for wanting to prevent voter fraud. And now, Georgians who are eligible to vote are participating in the democratic process at double the rate they did just four years ago.

Travis is correct. MLB would go a long way in repairing the damage it inflicted on the good people of Georgia by offering to return the All-Star Game to Atlanta soon.

Written by Cortney Weil

Cortney Weil has a PhD in Shakespearean drama but now spends her days reading and writing about her first passion: sports. She loves God, her husband, and all things Michigan State.


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  1. Don’t worry. When the Republicans sweep in Georgia, despite the massive gains in voter turnout, the progressives will still claim racist voter suppression. Reality doesn’t matter to the “truth over facts” crowd

  2. Maybe if a miracle happens and the Republicans win the House, Senate, and Presidency, they will call Rob Manfred and ask him why he pulled the All Star game out of Atlanta. At that point, if the Republican had any courage, they would eliminate baseball’s anti-trust exemption status as payback.

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