Georgia Completely Disrespects TCU, Posts Vicious ‘Hypno Dawg’ Troll Before National Championship Even Reaches 4th Quarter

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Georgia football dominated TCU from start to finish during the College Football Playoff National Championship. The Horned Frogs scored a touchdown early in the first quarter and it looked like, maybe just for a second, that they had a chance to get back in the game.

They did not.

The Bulldogs made them look like they didn’t belong and buried them on social media.

TCU had a magical season and lost to only Kansas State along the way. As Sonny Dykes’ team rolled to an undefeated regular season in his first year as head coach, the fine folks in Fort Worth embraced something of an alter ego— the Hypnotoad.

Over the last few years, the Horned Frogs took a recurring bit from the animated sci-fi series ‘Futurama’ and made it their own. There are a lot of commonalities between the amphibious creatures.

The Hypnotoad is a toad, similar to the Horned Frog, that has hypnotic powers. It can put anyone and everyone in a trance.

Throughout the 2022/23 college football season, as TCU narrowly escaped one-possession losses and found ways to win close games, it put its opponents in a trance. Meanwhile, the Hypnotoad became even bigger than ever before.

It was everywhere and it was awesome. That was the case again at SoFi Stadium.

In addition to its presence in the stands and around campus, the Hypnotoad was a large part of TCU’s social media strategy. They got in on the trend of ‘memeing’ opponents to death and trolled opponents with incredibly chaotic, Hypnotoad-focused videos after each win.

Here is the most recent, after the win over Michigan:

On Monday, it was Georgia’s turn.

It not only memed TCU to death, but did so in the most vicious way possible— the hypnoDAWG.

AND, to make it even more savage, Georgia’s social media team posted the video before the game had even reached the nine-minute mark in the third quarter. The Bulldogs Hypnodawgs called game before the fourth quarter.

If that wasn’t brutal enough, TCU had to sit through multiple curtain calls for Georgia. Kirby Smart first called a timeout to bring Stetson Bennett off of the field.

Not long thereafter, Smart called another timeout so another group of seniors could get the same love.

Tough night to be a Horned Frog. Great night to be a Hypnodawg!

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