Georgia Dem, Anti-Policing Foundation Member Stacey Abrams Caught Paying Over $500K For Security Services

When narratives involving police-related violence ran rampant in the summer of 2020, demonizing the group in the process, Democrats called for a reduction in size and funding for police forces around the nation. Some called for a complete abolishing of the police.

The political party’s message quickly backfired after receipts were pulled up on how much Dems love to spend on private security details; a temporary solution that averts needing to solve real-time crime trends or support for police.

One Democrat made to answer for her hypocrisy is Georgia’s gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who has previously opined for police funds to be redistributed and currently holds a position as a board member for the Marguerite Casey Foundation — which has supported the defunding of the police movement.

According to a deep dive from the New York Post, Abrams’ Georgia gubernatorial campaign spent nearly half a million — $520,612.57 — on security services between December 2021 to April 2022.

The five-month spending spree from Abrams’ campaign went to EPA Security: shelled out in 11 payments of $39,335, $46,765, $44,380, $49,713.24, $50.252.50, $54,487.22, $56,141.43, $4,455, $64,221.18, $54,101.17 and $56,760.83, as reported by the Post.

Abrams’ support for the Marguerite Casey Foundation extended to anti-policing groups such as the Movement for Black Lives, Black Organizing Project and Louisville Community Bail Fund. Abrams previously said the following regarding police funding:

“We have to reallocate resources, so, yes,” she said. “If there is a moment where resources are so tight that we have to choose between whether we murder Black people or serve Black people, then absolutely: Our choice must be service.”

By comparison, Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s campaign spent a reported $31,396 on “IT/Consulting/Security” in a similar timeframe.

“Stacey Abrams does not support defunding the police, and is a longtime supporter of investing in law enforcement, building community trust, and fostering law enforcement accountability,” Abrams campaign spokesperson Alex Floyd told the Post.

Abrams previously stated that her board position with the Foundation has conflicted with a general belief that police should not be reduced in numbers to combat crime.

Squad members have also come under fire for boasting some big paydays for armed security — going against their ardent anti-gun and anti-policing platforms.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Stacey Abrams is a lying hypocrite, just like every other Democrat. She also claims she had nothing to do with moving the AllStar game out of Atlanta when she had everything to do with it. She’s scum of the earth.

  2. Although easy to portray her as just another over-the-top comic character out of a Sanford & Sons remake …. this woman is Very Dangerous. She “owns” Atlanta’s Fulton County and can produce as many votes as necessary for Dem candidates.

  3. Abrams is the ultimate race hustling bigot. She has never worked, done nothing, accomplished nothing substantive and yet is a multi millionaire thanks to White, guilt ridden liberals and racist blacks.

    • Well yeah she’s running for office lol but she is a board member of the Margurite Casey Foundation which is strongly anti police among other leftie policies she is trying to distance herself from their stance on police of course while running for guv but she is still an active board member and hasn’t quit do a wiki very enlightening

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