Shirtless Georgia Fan At College Football Playoff Explains Why He Took His Shirt Off

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Georgia fans pride themselves on being drunk and obnoxious, but it might be time to add another adjective to the mix — shirtless. A Bulldogs fan at the College Football Playoff on Saturday raised all kinds of questions.

(Welcome to the ramblings of my big, dumb college football brain after a full day of the Playoff!)

Late in the third quarter, the Peach Bowl broadcast cut to the stands. There, a man with his shirt off hung his head as his team faced an 11-point deficit.

When he picked his head back up, his facial expression said it all. The man was going through it.

Unfortunately, that was the only time that the man made an appearance on the screen for the entire night. His story, his situation, and his shirtlessness was left completely open-ended, but we have since found some answers.

Here was his look before going tarps off for the Dawgs:

One of the greatest t-shirts I have ever seen!

The shirtless Georgia fan raised so many dumb questions.

  • Who is this man and who is he with?
    • Is he with his family?
    • Is that his wife and daughter to his left?
    • If so, are they okay with the fact that their husband and father is not wearing a shirt inside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium?
  • When did his shirt come off and why?
    • Was he trying to switch up the vibes and create some new momentum?
    • Did the stress get to be too much and he needed to take his tarp off to release some heat?
    • At what point did he decide to remove his shirt, was it before the camera cut to him? Had it been off for the entire quarter?
    • Where did he put the shirt once it was removed?
  • Did the shirt ever return to his body?
    • Was this man shirtless for the last 19 minutes of the game?
    • Did he ever reach back and put his shirt back on?
    • What caused him to do so, if he did?
    • Was there a third-down stop that proved to be too much for his shirtlesness?

While most normal, completely sane people sat back and enjoyed an electric one-possession game between the No. 1 and No. 4 teams in the country, these are the things that I spent my night wondering.

UPDATE: The shirtless Georgia fan has been identified!

His name is Chris Witt and he provided the following explanation:

Back story for this photo is that I usually change shirts for good luck when UGA is losing but I only had one shirt yesterday, so I had to go all out. I did the same thing 5 years ago at the Rose Bowl. I just wasn’t on the front row that time. Haha. Go Dawgs!!

— Shirtless UGA fan, Chris Witt, on why he was shirtless at the Peach Bowl.

As for the people with him, we also have answers:

For those who wonder about my wife and child. It was my daughter’s first ever UGA game and she thought I was going to get into trouble for taking my shirt off. My wife had to explain my strategy at the Rose Bowl and last night to everyone around. Once they know what’s going on, you would be surprised how many people get behind you. We had about six dudes shirtless for the Rose Bowl.

— Shirtless UGA fan, Chris Witt, on why he was shirtless at the Peach Bowl.

There you have it! And to make the entire thing even better, Witt’s strategy worked.

The Bulldogs won both games — the Rose Bowl and the Peach Bowl!

Written by Grayson Weir

Grayson doesn't drink coffee. He wakes up Jacked.


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