California Is Getting Ready To Pay Reparations

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Gavin Newsom and the brain trust in California continue to provide the most creative answers to the question “How would you spend a few billion dollars in less than 24 hours?”

The problem, of course, is that Newsom is the governor of the most populated state in the nation. Therefore the California legislation, which authorizes spending millions or even billions of tax dollars on vanity projects, could lead to severe ramifications for its people.

According to ABC7, Gavin Newsom has announced a task force that will study the proper method to pay monetary reparations to Californians of African American descent. The payments will be used to make amends between citizens and the nation’s history with slavery, though California itself never allowed it. The report states that “the nine-member task force on slave reparations was sworn Tuesday, in making California the first state in the nation to study reparations for African Americans.”

“With this bill, we’re bringing together some of the best, the brightest minds to chart a path forward, to move to a more equal California,” Governor Newsom said in the report.

Rob Bonta, Attorney General for California, cited the past sins of America as the basis for attempting to create economic “equity” for black Californians. “Although the horrors of slavery may have begun in the past, its harms are felt every single day by black Americans in the present.”

Bonta added, “Yes, there has been progress in this country, but it has been all too uneven, and it has not moved fast enough … We must move quickly. How much longer can we wait for justice? How much longer until we are able to truly fulfill the promise of the American dream that all are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights?”

Newsom’s publicity project comes at a time when fervor for the governor’s recall has plateaued, courtesy of lifted COVID mandates and other state budget expenditures intended to provide citizens with an incentive to keep Gavin around.

As part of a COVID contest orchestrated by Newsom, Californians will be able to win $15 million in cash prizes for receiving a dose of the vaccine.

As homelessness rates sharply increase and violent attacks sweep California cities with reduced police forces, the body politic of California looks to become the first state to offer incentives based on race—ideal for the high cost of living.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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    • I know my shithole state too well. He’s going nowhere. California is one of the dumbest states in the nation with one of the poorest education systems(not financially, but as in terrible teachers). It’s a breeding ground for stupid codependency and relies on those who mooch off the system to keep the awful people like Newsome in power. Remember, the top “Republican” in the House is from here as well and only in this era would anyone call McCarthy a Conservative with a straight face as well.

      • Right here with you. Amazing how this assclown gets recalled, then thinks the best way to respond is look to paying reparations. Always working against the common good of California.

        And yeah, he’s not going anywhere. Too many racist, hateful liberals out here love this guy

    • Mexifornia is the official state name, the official flower Sensimilla, the official bird a DoDo, official language illiteracy. What we had before Communism? Electricity, Water, Food.

  1. Hey A…
    Newson ain’t paying shit…CALI taxpayers are giving their hard earned money to this asswipe and telling his State legislature to share the wealth. Is this a great country, or what?

    • Actually, if you buy into the beliefs of most anthropologists, the first humanoids were from the continent we call Africa. If that is the case, then really we are just talking about when or if you draw the line in time as to who is from “Africa”. Also, what percentage of a person has to be black? Who is considered black? Is it a percentage of melanin? Measurements and shapes of facial features? Anyone care to define what black is?

  2. Any potential for lawsuits to stop this? Using tax dollars to pay a certain population based on their skin color? And this vaccine lottery? It’s my understanding it does not apply to all those who might have obtained the vaccine months ago? Tax dollars being spent for some people who get the vaccine while making those have already gotten the vaccine ineligible? How the fuck is this shit legal? Or is he making these proclamations simply for the short term political gain and popularity, knowing that the courts will ultimately tell him he cant do it, after the lawsuits start coming?

  3. It’s how they are using some of the additional Billions in federal bailout money from Biden that they actually don’t need since the state already has a $76 billion budget surplus. It’s not only CA residents funding this, but all US taxpayers… the con game continues…

  4. This idea brought to you by the committee to elect Bruce/Caityln Jenner for Governor. UNLESS Californians are really that dumb to go for this. Are they?? Hey, if they want to push their businesses out and let Texas and Tennessee benefit, that is fine.

  5. The use of taxpayer dollars for this is outrageous. Steve is right. The abuse will be monumental. A thousand years from now they’ll still be blaming slavery for being the lowest educated, lowest employed, highest crime producers in the country.

  6. Same thing is beginning to happen here in Tulsa, they want to be paid for something that happened 100 years ago, with little to no proof. Can Outkick do some research on a great country for us to move to.

  7. Hey moron, California was a Union state. Not that any Democrat in this state knows what that means.

    But great. Keep raising our taxes, firing state workers, and then claiming we have a budget surplus so we can hand out cash based on race. As if there aren’t enough reasons to hate the California Democratic Party

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