Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom Will Not Lift COVID Restrictions on June 15

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The greatest trick that Newsom ever pulled was convincing the world that COVID mandates would no longer exist.

To the surprise of absolutely zero Californians, Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that the state will retract its plan to fully reopen on June 15. 

The Golden State will continue to enforce statewide COVID restrictions indefinitely. 

News of the update released on Friday when asked about the upcoming date in an interview. Originally proposed by the governor back in May, the projected end date for the Draconian measures was scheduled for mid-June amid improving vaccination efforts and plunge in COVID-related infections and deaths throughout the state.

“The emergency remains in effect after June 15,” added the governor. Declaring a state of emergency in March 2020, Newsom remains at the helm of when California can fully reopen.

“The one thing I am certain of is: There’s uncertainty in the future,” he added.

According to the Fox report, Newsom has issued an estimated “47 executive orders to alter or suspend 200 state laws and regulations.”

Continuing to enforce restrictions opposite ongoing reopening efforts in states like Florida, Governor Newsom is optimistic that ongoing limitations imposed on a state with high unemployment rates and shuttering small businesses will help mitigate the effects of the virus during the upcoming season. 

“This disease has not been extinguished. It’s not vanished,” Newsom commented.

Reports remain unclear as to whether the governor was referring to COVID, or his upcoming recall election.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. COVID-19 might never be completely eradicated. If he is waiting for that he will be waiting forever. Polio still exists in Asia and that doesn’t transmit as easily as COVID.

    I still see people that have been completely vaccinated walking around with masks on at work. They dodge me like they’re Pat Mahomes when passing them in the hall even though I’m vaccinated as well. It really shouldn’t bother me just as man buns shouldn’t bother me but it does.

    Some (most?) of these libs are sad to see the mandates go. They can no longer yell and sneer at people not wearing masks. They loved wearing their masks everywhere and being righteously indignant at everyone who didn’t “comply.”

    Get vaccinated if you want. Don’t get it if you don’t want it. Move on.

  2. If you are a Democrat and live in California, DO NOT MOVE. You did this, you elected this idiot. Don’t move to another state and start f’ing that one up too. I don’t care what he does to you’re f’d up state, just don’t spread more of it to mine. It’s bad enough already.

    • Speaking for myself as I have a number of friends like you, I just can’t make the same amount of money doing what I do if I leave the state. Granted, making what I make I’m taxed to hell so it almost balances out. If I hadn’t gotten my house years ago there’s probably no way I’d still be here.

  3. I love the weather here, run and ride around Coronado in the middle of winter in shirt sleeves, ditto drinking beer at night in open air bars downtown San Diego at night in shorts, sweatshirt, flip-flops when half the country is under a foot of snow. I have kids and a grandkid here, I’m a bit stuck. That said, half the people are certifiably crazy, the politicians are ass clowns, I can’t even think about selling most of my stocks because of a draconian state tax rate, and I try my best to stay in the lowest tax rate possible now that I’ve retired. I’ve seen three waves of people leaving the state starting in the 90s, the first two were blue collar, this one is white collar…. But I love being outside, riding along the beach all year round.

  4. I live in Del Mar and you can believe no one hates this bastard more than I, but this story is horribly out of context. He never said he wasn’t easing mandates and protocols, he said he intends to keep the state of emergency in place. Different context. Does not mean he is walking back what he said on mandates, just keeping the federal tit in place to fund anything else covid related he wants. This guy is no doubt a POS, but this story is inaccurate. Now, let the hate on this asshole continue, but at least get the story right.

  5. ‘The voters of California’….
    highly likely that their votes are not actually being counted, much like the November election. Trump probably won California BIG, but Dominion voting machines are doing their job.

    Most of California is actually ‘red,’ believe it or not. I know it’s tough to believe, with all the bs headlines Pelosi, Maxine and Governor Gavin direct and produce…

    If election reform and repair actually ever happens, this state and country will move in a positive direction again.

    I’m still hoping that Mike Lindell’s prediction ‘that Donald Trump will be back in the White House by August’ comes true!!

  6. A few reasonable solutions are: open up and defy him, move to a different state and don’t vote for politicians like him. The GOP and moderate democrats surely need to be able to convince them to vote something else, otherwise, they’re incompetent.

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