Gas Station Employees Use Sign On Storefront To Reveal That Their Married Boss Likes To Sleep With His Employees

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It looks like the boss at a gas station had one too many affairs with his employees. So they decided to pay him back by taking control of the scrolling LED sign displayed on the storefront and completely trashing him.

A group of friends sitting outside of a gas station in Tacoma, Washington noticed some interesting messages being displayed on the store’s scrolling LED sign. Naturally, one of them pulled out their phone and started recording.

Gas Station Employees Expose Cheating Owner
Gas station owner exposed by employees (Image Credit: zzawadii/TikTok)

What was captured, and uploaded to TikTok, was some hot gossip about the owner of the gas station. There are allegations of an affair with employees behind his wife’s back. Calls for people to Google him and accusations that he has been pocketing his employee’s overtime pay.

The video, which currently has 3.3 million views, was shared a couple of weeks ago. It starts off hot right from the start. The first message reads, “The Boss Likes To Sleep With His Employees Behind His Wife’s Back!”

Is this one employee? Or are we talking alleged affairs with multiple employees? That’s not clear as the sign quickly scrolls into an ad for a food truck.

That’s one hell of a follow-up to some red hot cheating allegations. It’s also a smart move on the part of whoever took control of the sign. You don’t want to fire off too much about your boss straight out of the gate.

Mixing in the ads gives the whole situation some added entertainment value if nothing else. The next message to pop-up asks people to “Google Him To See What A Piece Of Human Garbage He Is!”

This Gas Station Owner Crossed His Employees One Too Many Times

Again following the stiff jab at the boss, some more ads are sprinkled in for fun. Then another shot at the boss coming in hot.

Not only is he an alleged cheater and a piece of human garbage, he’s been stealing overtime pay from his employees – allegedly.

A message that reads, “The Wage Thief That Owns This Place Pockets His Employee’s Overtime!” scrolls right into an ad for some alcohol products.


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If you’re going to run a business and do so as a gigantic scumbag – allegedly – then you run the risk of pissing off your employees.

If that happens, and you have a scrolling LED sign on the front of your store, you just might be trashed for all to see.

Written by Sean Joseph

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