Gabe Kapler Reconsiders, Decides to Attend National Anthem on Memorial Day After All

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This Gabe Kapler story keeps changing so quickly, we’re starting to get whiplash.

On May 27, Kapler announced on his website KapLifestyle that he had a lot of misgivings about “the direction of our country” in the wake of the terrible shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Apparently, those misgivings even extended to the national anthem:

“Every time I place my hand over my heart and remove my hat, I’m participating in a self congratulatory glorification of the ONLY country where these mass shootings take place,” Kapler lamented.

So to remove himself from that “self-congratulatory glorification,” he decided to sidestep the national anthem altogether and remain in the locker room until the patriotic pre-game ritual was over. Fellow Bay Boy Steve Kerr then announced his support for Kapler’s decision not to support America.

Well, either Kapler has come to his senses or his PR people have convinced him to table the protest for Memorial Day because he has once again taken to his blog to recant on the decision to protest the anthem — at least for one game.

In a post entitled “Memorial Day,” Kapler now says, “Today, I’ll be standing for the anthem. While I believe strongly in the right to protest and the importance of doing so, I also believe strongly in honoring and mourning our country’s service men and women who fought and died for that right. Those who serve in our military, and especially those who have paid the ultimate price for our rights and freedoms, deserve that acknowledgment and respect, and I am honored to stand on the line today to show mine.”

He also says he’ll be making a financial contribution to an anti-2A group and to an organization dedicated to veterans’ health.

Perhaps Kapler ought to realize that he can participate in the national anthem — or not — without making an announcement about it. But that would require some self-awareness. Kapler, Kerr, and other high-profile figures don’t yet understand that the tragic school shooting, the anthem, and country itself are not about them. They don’t have to continue making themselves the center of attention.

Kapler knelt for the anthem in 2020, swore off attending the anthem three days ago, and then thought better of that decision because Memorial Day rolled around at an inopportune time. So he’s standing and “honoring and mourning our country’s service men and women who fought and died for” our freedoms. And he wants to make sure that everyone noticed.

Here’s what OutKick founder Clay Travis had to say:

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  1. I would guess that the San Francisco Giants “persuaded” this guy to not protest on Memorial day. My issue is, if this is issue is truly so important why take one day off? Why not stick to his protest? This is pure evidence that it’s not genuine. It’s pure fluff.

  2. My wife and I took our three kids to a veteran’s cemetery this morning to pay respects to a couple relatives and take the opportunity to teach them about the incredible cost to build this great nation. While we were there walking through the graves an older black woman was sitting by her husband’s stone. She flagged us down invited us over to tell us all about her husband and his service in Korea. There were families all over all day sitting near their loved one’s graves in remembrance. I didn’t want to leave, and I’ve never felt that way about a cemetery. It was powerful. I could have stayed all day long and gone around to each family to talk about each brave soldier and their memory. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t done this before with my family, but from now on it will be a tradition. All that to say, if people like Mr. Kapler, Mr. Kerr, and others could have been there with me today to see these families, there’s no way they could have knelt during the anthem. There’s no way you’d ever dream of kneeling again thinking of those soldiers while you listen to that anthem play. You might instead cry. That’s why we must remember. These men simply don’t take time to remember.

  3. Whatever. Kaplan and Kerr are just your typical fraud liberals. Never let a crisis go to waste to try to make a name for yourself. I`d rather both of these guys just stay in the locker room, take the knee and f*ck off.

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