Furious Bills Fans Target Governor Cuomo With Petition, Want Him Banned From Playoff Game

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Bills fans are so enraged with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his plan to attend Saturday’s game at Ralph Wilson Stadium that they’re hammering away at a Change.org petition to ban the coronabro from attending.

“I’m going to take my test, I’m going to be out there to watch the game with you, and we look forward to it,” Cuomo told Bills owners Kim and Terry Pegula during a recent announcement that 6,700 fans would be allowed into the stadium under state orders.

As of Tuesday morning, the petition to ban Cuomo was quickly approaching its 15,000 signature objective. Petition organizer Jeffrey Dorenzo is pretty clear with the message here: Cuomo has done everything within his power to prevent people from living their lives and now he wants to join in on the fun.

“So Cuomo is going to attend our playoff game after telling us that we can only attend at less than 10% capacity? If he thinks he has more right to a seat in that stadium over people who have waited over 20 years for this opportunity, then people better be there to protest his entry,” Dorenzo said. “This is OUR team! This is OUR home. We don’t want you here.”

Fans wishing to attend the Colts-Bills game will have to produce a negative COVID test that was taken within 72 hours of entering the stadium. Then, after the game, fans will be subjected to contact tracing. That’s right, contact tracing after a negative test.

Fans will also be required to wear masks, social distance, blah, blah, blah, while attending the game.

Tickets went to season ticket holders. If the Bills win on Saturday, people attending the game will not be allowed to attend further home playoff games this year to make things fair for others who wish to attend.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who has been a complete pain in the ass from day one of the NFL season and hates the thought of fans attending games, is threatening people who even think of tailgating before the game. Mark has dropped hints that private lots that allow tailgating will have their permits pulled and they won’t get them back.

Oh, and people will have to fork over $63 for the COVID test that will allow them entry. Fail the test, and you’ll need to find someone who can pass to scalp the ticket.

Add it all up and you can see why Dorenzo and the people gladly signing a petition to ban Cuomo are so mad. This is the team’s first home playoff game since December 28, 1996, and they have to go through all this in order to support the local franchise.

So go sign that petition. Tell Cuomo to keep his loser ass at home in Albany.

A small sampling of how Bills fans feel over Cuomo’s plan to attend Saturday’s game:

Cuomo Bills game - 1 Cuomo Bills game - 2

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Disgusting! This is so typical of the political elite wanting to attach themselves to the success of people who aren’t like them at all. I live a looooong way from Buffalo and even I can spot the absurdity that a Cuomo would ever be caught dead at a Bills game unless the team suddenly became worthy of their presence. This is guy is everything that the Bills are not. This SOB has done everything to keep people from living their lives and enjoying sports and now all of a sudden when the Bills are good, he wants to be a part of it. Sick.

  2. Yes Cuomo is an arrogant, narcissistic, self-delusional madman who is probably the biggest mass-murderer in the history of the United States of America.

    But guess what? You folks in New York state ELECTED him king and heap adulation on him constantly. The rest of us non-insane people don’t understand it, but he’s all yours.

    People deserve every bit of bad government they themselves select. Be glad you can at least attend a football game. Be happy you are not forced to wear a “BLM” t-shirt to be admitted to said football game. Don’t be too surprised that anyone who has posted the “wrong” type of beliefs or thoughts on the internet or social media is prevented from purchasing a ticket.

    Welcome to national socialism.

  3. This guy hates WNY. We stood up to him about his ridiculous safe act and ever since then we have been on his crap list. Shut down a lot of Erie County businesses but all surrounding counties are open. He’s killing this area’s economy but wants to come here for the Bills’ game. NYC sticks us with this douche nozzle. The rest of NY can’t stand his ass.

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