‘Fully Vaccinated’ Bill Maher Tests Positive for COVID, Cancels ‘Real Time’ Episode

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Bill Maher announced on Thursday that he has tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated. 

According to Deadline, Maher will cancel his taping of this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher, scheduled to record on Friday. As tweeted by Maher, this will be his first missed show since 1993.

The political satirist hosts the hour-long program, which airs on HBO every Saturday.

Known for his staunch liberal standings sprinkled with the occasional conservative or libertarian talking point, Maher has angered the left over the past year for criticizing China during the pandemic and for being occasionally skeptical of Dr. Fauci. 

News of the positive test comes as a surprise to many who believe the vaccine is a cure and the only key to reopening America. According to a CDC report in mid-April, fewer than 6,000 Americans who were fully vaccinated caught COVID. The figure represents “0.007% of the 84 million Americans with full protection against the virus.” Maher would probably be the first to assure both fans and critics that there is no need to panic, based on all we’ve learned about the illness in the past 15 months.

Even at age 65, Maher is asymptomatic. The announcement released Thursday indicated he has made a full recovery.

Bill Maher has occasionally been too polarizing, even for those who share many of his political views. He has resisted COVID outrage, prompting the liberal media to attack Maher and portray him to be a type of neo-conservative that he clearly is not.

However, if liberals would like to demand a trade for Maher, Liz Cheney and a Toblerone are on the table. Take it or leave it. 

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Now that the media cannot hide the fact that Co-President Biden is a trainwreck, look for the attention to be shifted to positive news that we are getting back to “normal” DESPITE the fact that a story like this would have the Cornoabros running around with their hair on fire if we had a free and fair election and Trump was still President.

  2. So many questions…

    – If Maher is fully vaccinated & has no symptoms why is he taking a covid test in the first place?
    – What are the rates of false positives & false negatives now that the testing has been in place for a year+ for testing to improve?
    – If he has the vaccine, is asymptomatic but is a “carrier” what is his likelihood of actually transmitting the virus?
    – Have we (at this point) verified the rate of asymptomatic spread vs people w/ actual symptoms?
    – If masks are as effective as people claim & he remains 6+ft away from guests and/or producers why would he not be able to do his show?
    – Why are we pushing for young adults and kids to get vaccinated when they are at virtually no risk from the virus itself and people who have been vaccinated can still catch/spread?
    – Why are people pushing for every American to get vaccinated to stop the virus from spreading/mutating when the US pop only makes up 3-4% of the world’s population? We can’t even contain our borders let alone completely shut down international travel. In theory the only way this plan would work is if every person on the planet got the vaccine w/ every country on the same page.
    – Masks are gay.

  3. Asymptomatic? I think not. Likely it’s just another False Positive results. Everyone seems to think the PCR tests are 100% correct, every time, but no test of any kind has that type of accuracy. My friend’s 83 year old mother tests positive, made to quarantine for 14 days by herself, she never had a single symptom except loneness. Asymptomatic is an excuse for false positive test results.

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