FSU And Clemson Want The SEC To Come Calling, Too

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Texas and Oklahoma’s ongoing departure from the Big XII to the SEC has caused a number of dominoes to fall, and now a number of people are in favor of a 20-team SEC superconference.

With names like Michigan, Clemson, Florida State and Ohio State floated around as prime programs interested in also joining the SEC, one of those schools has already stepped forward and hinted at their intentions.

According to the TH report, Florida State President John Thrasher provided some subtle interest in his school’s potential move to the SEC.

“I don’t want Florida State to be left behind,” said Thrasher. “I consider us as part of the ACC, but I also know that we have a marquee name, Clemson has a marquee name. I think there might be people coming after us, I don’t know, but we’ve got to be prepared no matter what the options are.”

Facing a new uncertainty with keeping the Seminoles in the ACC — as Clemson also joins the rumored departure from the conference — Thrasher’s imminent retirement from FSU gives the program an urgency to find a path forward as Commissioner Greg Sankey and the SEC continue to skyrocket past the rest of college football with their potential 20-team conference.

“My point to (FSU director of athletics) David Coburn and to (new ACC commissioner) Jim Phillips is I don’t want Florida State to be left behind. I consider us as part of the ACC, but I also know that we have a marquee name, Clemson has a marquee name. I think there might be people coming after us, I don’t know, but we’ve got to be prepared no matter what the options are.”

As the seismic shift in college football stirs conversation about the supposed “death of all conferences,” analysts who initially criticized early talks of a 20-team superconference did not deny that teams may start pouring in on the discussion out of self interest and, above all, the big checks on the way.

Written by Alejandro Avila

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  1. Florida State had a 25/30 year run and that’s it. Don’t kid yourselves. Does anyone know who FSU sits behind in all time wins in D-1? If you said Marshall University, a team that literally died (and I mean no disrespect behind that) in 1970 and won like 15 games the entire decade of the 70’s. Before Bowden FSU was a wasteland of football and it looks like after too. I guess Leonard Hamilton has the basketball team making the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 every 3rd year or so.

    • Lol… FSU had a late start for gridiron success, yes, finally achieving consistent success after Bowden took over in ’76. Compare that to Michigan would has been a “Powerhouse” since 1901.. Those MF’ers have one exactly 1/2 championship since 1949 lol.. Since Bowden took over in 1976 FSU has more head to head wins vs UF. Not to mention 2013/14 National Champions (I was a student in Tallahassee then) which in the grand scheme was not that long ago. Before Saban arrived at Bama they were pretty mediocre for the previous 15 years.

      Long story short, the addition of FSU would no doubt be a great fit for the SEC.

      • Hans1977 also did not bother to look at the major bowl game appearances, All-Americans, and facilities at FSU. I guess he also forgot about Jimbo Fisher.

        Not to mention, all-time wins in the most useless stat in CFB. It’s simply a function of the amount of time a CFB program has existed. You do not see anyone arguing for Yale and Harvard to join the FBS.

        • What is Free Shoes University? Buzz, sorry incorrect. What is Felon State University? That’s right… Again, Bowden and a few years with Jimbo and that’s it. Your brand sucks now with Taggert and whoever is coaching now. Most overrated program in the country. Wide right! Didn’t Jimbo leave because of facilities and money?

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