Frisco Bowl Ends In Fireworks As Coaches Exchange Words During Postgame Handshake After All-Out Sideline Brawl

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Saturday’s Frisco Bowl between North Texas and Boise State ended in fireworks. An unexpectedly entertaining matchup came down to the wire and the three-point game had both sides at full send.

Late in the third quarter, tensions boiled over and led to an all-out brawl.

A referee directs wide receiver Billy Bowens #18 of the Boise State Broncos away from the North Texas Mean Green bench after a scuffle in the second half at Toyota Stadium on December 17, 2022 in Frisco, Texas.
(Photo by Emil T. Lippe/Getty Images)

On 2nd-and-15, Broncos quarterback Taylen Green took the snap and dropped back to throw. The pocket quickly collapsed and he was flushed out to the right.

Green took off down the sideline and leaped up in an effort to hurdle a defender closing-in to make the tackle. His attempt was ultimately unsuccessful as Mean Green defensive back DeShawn Gaddie laid a big hit on the quarterback while in mid-air and sent him into the North Texas bench.

That is when the mayhem unfolded at the Frisco Bowl.

Boise State wide receiver Latrell Caples did not like how his signal-caller was mobbed on the sideline and stepped in to help him up. In doing so, he shoved one of his opponents.

That did not go over well. After Caples got Green to his feet, the kerfuffle ensued.

Multiple players from both sides converged on the scene and started pushing and shoving. A few punches were thrown as coaches and officials tried to break it up.

Eventually, after several minutes, the situation was deescalated and the officiating crew was able to sort out who should be penalized from both teams. In the end, all of the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were reset, nobody was ejected and the down was replayed.

Not long thereafter, things got chippy on the other sideline. It wasn’t nearly as intense, but there was plenty of jarring back and forth.

The game continued without too much issue and the Broncos ended up holding on to win by a field goal. However, in postgame, North Texas interim head coach Phil Bennett and Boise head coach Andy Avalos exchanged some fighting words during the handshake at midfield.

One of the best postseason games of the year so far had it all! Points, fights, a one-possession final score, and coaches chatter. The Frisco Bowl did not disappoint.

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