French Open Director Apologizes for Saying Men’s Tennis Has More ‘Appeal’

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French Open tournament director Amelie Mauresmo ran afoul of many in the tennis world when she said earlier this week that men’s tennis has more “appeal” than women’s tennis, and now she has issued a much-expected apology.

“First of all the comments that I made were taken out of the wider picture, out of the context,” the former Grand Slam champion told Tennis Channel on Thursday.

“And I want to say sorry to the players that really felt bad about what I said.”

Amelie Mauresmo in the semifinals of the Fed Cup in 1998.

Mauresmo explained that, by “appeal,” she meant that men’s matches are longer than women’s and therefore offer single evening event ticketholders more bang for their buck.

“Concerning the scheduling, specifically for the night matches, my say was that because we have one match only, it’s really tougher to schedule a woman’s match because we have to take into consideration the length,” Mauresmo said.

“It’s the fair thing to do for the ticketholders.”

Those ticketholders weren’t too happy about the length of the match on Tuesday night though, despite the fact that they witnessed reigning French Open champ Novak Djokovic fall 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6 to rival star Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinal. The match may have been exhilarating, but it lasted over four hours and ended after 1 am local time, preventing many spectators from using public transportation to return home.

According to his manager, Nadal wasn’t too happy about the evening match either, as he claims that cooler evening temperatures negatively affect his game.

Still, because of the uproar over her comments, Mauresmo now says she thinks the tournament ought to make some adjustments next year to include women’s matches in primetime.

“Next year to be more fair to the women’s players it would be good to maybe have the possibility to put two matches or maybe a women’s match plus a doubles match,” she said.

Perhaps next year, Djokovic and Nadal could just identify as women and resolve the issue entirely.

Written by Cortney Weil

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  1. “And I want to say sorry to the players that really felt bad about what I said.” …. At least she didn’t call them “Jackie”.

    … as humanity’s handbasket drops a notch closer to Hell.

  2. If the women’s side had a matchup as compelling at Djokovic/Nadal, put it in primetime. Currently, they don’t so why put an inferior match on instead of the one people want to see? This would be like CBS putting a LPGA tournament on while relegating the Masters to the USA Network.

  3. The Truth often hurts people that can’t accept it. So, they turn to the various media outlets to perpetuate lies. This WONDERFUL Human Being, A.M., speaks the Truth and, Personally, I wish she would have stuck to her Guns rather than give in to ANYTHING from these LIARS.

    Buck up and take what is REAL and quit your damn wimpering.

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