Freddie Freeman’s Agent Hid Braves’ Final Offer, Leading Him To The Dodgers

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Braves fans look away. It turns out Freddie Freeman’s agent, Casey Close, hid the Braves’ final offer that he believed Freeman would accept to lead the star first baseman to the Dodgers’ more lucrative $162 million offer. Freeman has since fired the agent and baseball Twitter is in a frenzy.

My oh my.

To be clear, this is like divorcing your wife because your best friend told you she cheated, and then learning the story was fabricated after the ink dried. Pathetic and disappointing for baseball fans everywhere, especially Atlanta Braves fans, because Freddie Freeman was meant to retire a Brave. Can still happen via trade years from now, but the World Series champion was always meant to stay in Atlanta.

The story here is that half of Braves country showed animosity towards Freeman after believing their former star chose the money. Partially true, however what fans didn’t realize was that the Braves eventually offered a deal south of $162 million that would have been accepted had Freeman known about it.

Doug Gottlieb is reporting that Freeman learned of their final offer this past weekend, which lead to Casey Close’s firing.

What do we do now?

Does commissioner Rob Manfred get involved here? Could Freddie Freeman potentially sue Close for withholding valuable information that led him to L.A.? It’s not like money was stolen from him as  that $162 million deal will still clear to his bank account, but he moved his entire family cross country because, to his knowledge, the Braves hadn’t made a competitive offer.

Freddie Freeman was set to take a discount as long as the gap between the Braves’ and Dodgers’ offers wasn’t outrageous. A choice any player loyal to a fan base would make. We don’t know what happens with this situation over the next couple of months, but we have to imagine Braves fans are feeling some type of way this afternoon. Say it ain’t so.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I’m sure Womanfred agrees with what Close did since Georgia passed Jim Crow 2.0 laws that led to 100K+ more blacks voting than the last primary……

    Whatever Womanfred does, I’m sure he’ll check with Al Sharpton first.

    Close should be prevented from representing any MLB players for life. What he did is as bad as betting on baseball.

  2. If it`s true, that`s really fucked up. Weird how he wouldn`t know about that offer until now. You`d think someone in the Braves front office would have leaked that after the offer was declined by his agent.

  3. Although a different time, similar thing happened with Bobby Orr. The Bruins offered Orr a percentage of the franchise but his agent, Alan Eagleson, never told Bobby about it and he signed with the Black Hawks. Eagleson’s life eventually caught up with him (embezzling player pension funds) was jailed and removed from hockey HOF. If this guy is anywhere near as bad as Eagleson, he should be strung up.

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