Franco’s Massive On-Base Streak Hasn’t Happened In 65 Years

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Tampa Bay Rays rookie Wander Franco has been considered the top prospect in baseball for the last two seasons, and now we know why.

The 20-year-old shortstop just extended his on-base streak to 30 games, thanks to a two-run single Monday night versus the struggling Red Sox. The Rays didn’t even bring him up this season until June, and he’s already amassed one of the game’s most difficult accolades in two months.

In fact, Franco’s achievement is so rare that only four other players in history have achieved the feat at such a young age, and they’re all in the Hall of Fame.

Not only is Franco young and extremely valuable (FanGraphs recently ranked him No. 6 most valuable trade asset in all of baseball), but he’s also playing for a dynamite team in Tampa Bay. The Rays are on an eight-game winning streak, and have opened up a monster 6.5 game lead in the ultra-competitive AL East. Franco isn’t just contributing to a poor team that’s trying to get him reps. He’s thriving in a pressure-cooker pennant race for a team with legitimate World Series aspirations.

Right now at FanDuel Sportsbook, you can snag the Rays at a tasty (+800) to win it all in October, or sprinkle the AL pennant at (+350). As it sits right now, the American League is more top-heavy in terms of wagering odds. These AL teams will likely face a tougher playoff race, but will be primed to win the World Series if the Dodgers somehow get knocked out early.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. Lets talk about a real special record the yankee clippers 56 game hitting streak set in 1941 before Pearl Harbor never will be surpassed the greatest hitter by far of all time Pete Rose couldn’t do it simply an amazing feat

  2. Finally. Some quality coverage of the Rays.. who are flying below the radar as per usual. Shef only writes about the Yank-Me’s. I know he’s bitter AF watching that division lead widen.

    Apparently only teams that “fill the stands” are worth talking about, which is like 6 teams in all of baseball. Product on the field is what matters most and the Rays are kicking ass with a $100M less in payroll.

  3. Rays ownership does next to nothing in promoting their team. Instead they’ve using the low attendance optics for 20 years in an effort to obtain a tax payer funded ballpark.

    To St. Pete and Tampa’s credit, they haven’t blinked yet, so ownership is going to ride it out as it is. Of course, Austin Texas and Nashville appear to be the new escort service of pro sports

    Good luck on your split Montreal plan…. Laughable

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