Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb Called Out ESPN Analyst Maria Taylor For Leaving Anthony Davis Off Her All-NBA Ballot

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ESPN analyst Maria Taylor was revealed to have left Anthony Davis off her first, second and third All-NBA Team. A mistake even she admits, but criticism from Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb sent tempers flaring on Twitter. Gottlieb questioned her experience and he has every right to do so. If NBA voters don’t want to be criticized, don’t vote.

Inexperienced sports analysts — men and women — will always have to demonstrate their knowledge of the game. If you lack experience and make a questionable decision, you will be challenged. Right now Maria Taylor feels called out as an individual, but Gottlieb’s real gripe is with any inexperienced person. Taylor votes for prestigious awards in today’s game and any mistake could cost an athlete at the negotiating table.

Maria Taylor turned herself into a victim when she could have defended her view. Leaving Anthony Davis off every All-NBA team is pathetic, but anyone should be given the opportunity defend themselves. An opportunity to explain herself was there, but she chose to take offense instead.

How this should have gone

Taylor should have taken the clear shot Gottlieb sent and turned it into a positive stride for women in sports. Any person who votes when they know their choices will be made public should expect to be questioned when they make a mistake.

Remember when Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn voted for Carmelo Anthony to hijack LeBron’s unanimous MVP? His entire career was called into question and he never once uttered a victim’s mentality. Washburn instead wrote a 750-word piece to explain his vote.

Maria Taylor got defensive when that same criticism came her way and now a bigger storm comes. We had an opportunity for Maria to bring us closer to fair NBA voting, but instead harp on the exchange between Taylor and Gottlieb on Twitter.

Gottlieb will likely be forced by Fox Sports to apologize, but he shouldn’t have to. Grown men and women covering professional sports in the public eye should be able to handle the heat. No one is excused from that criticism.

Not men, not women — nobody.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Rub some dirt on it, Dougie G…the pain will go away in a few years…douchebag.
    So 95% voted for AD but Maria didn’t.
    Maybe call out a guy? Maybe he tells you to fukk off.
    You’re still a douchebag…that won’t go away in a few years.

  2. I don’t have a problem with what Gottlieb did. I wouldn’t argue with him about basketball but, he can be a bit of a douche.

    As Gary eloquently states at the end of the article:

    “ Grown men and women covering professional sports in the public eye should be able to handle the heat. No one is excused from that criticism.

    Not men, not women — nobody.”

  3. Too many players show up on TV shows and declare themselves journalist… Must be great to have the WOKE MESPN get you a vote and push your star… I remember how they treated Bill Simmons… Players bring their egos with them… “I use to play the game” which can be interpreted as “please don’t say anything negative because I am to fragile to take it…

  4. Gary, good article. As said, your eloquent end to the article is a statement that I think (or at least hope) many agree with.

    About Maria Taylor, I remember (back when I watched NBA and also ESPN) watching her interview Zion Williamson at the draft. It was the kind of moment we all watch sports for. She handled it with class and complete professionalism. I couldn’t have imagined anyone handling it better. I had respect for her back then.

    Now, it seems, Maria has become just another spoke in the “woke” machine (maybe she never did think for herself? I don’t know her and obviously can’t answer that). To me she is no different than any other MSESPN employee. They’re all caught in the wave of wokeness, where victimhood begets victimhood, lies propogate like a virus, recognition and attention are a giant shell game, and integrity is dust in the wind (I think I remember you, Gary, making reference to dust in the wind but can’t quite remember where).

    I look forward to the day when OutKick rises up and crushes MSESPN. Then we won’t have to worry any of the components of the woke machine.

  5. its funny how a mistake at work can become national news, but thats what you sign up for, and then to be a child about your mistake…this is a thing that needs to be taught and retaught…sometimes you mess up…i think she literally unintentionally left AD off…i think she forgot about him because she’s not really that good at her job; lotsa people are getting jobs they dont deserve and will never be good at

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