Fox Sports Bringing Back USFL For Spring Football In 2022

The United States Football League is officially back, folks. After almost a 40-year hiatus, the USFL will be making a return to the field in March of 2022, the league announced early on Thursday morning.

Fox Sports, a minority owner of the league, will act as its television partner. The PR Twitter account for Fox Sports announced the news in spectacular fashion with former USFL and NFL quarterback Doug Flutie revealing the great news.

Check it out.

The restarted league will include all the old USFL names and logos from the original teams, from the Houston Gamblers to the Jersey Generals. All of it. It’s also back where it belongs — in the spring — which means it won’t be directly competing with the NFL for viewership.

Fans have been longing for a sustainable spring league, and they may have just landed one. With the backing of Fox Sports, this should have the legs needed for sustainable success. Yes, I know that’s been said before, but we’ve also seen this league have success before. Well, some of our more seasoned readers have, at least.

In fact, the USFL once fielded top football talent such as Steve Young, Herschel Walker and Reggie White.

Let’s go!

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. This will likely crash and burn like all other attempts. Here’s the reality people seem to ignore. The football market is already SATURATED and there’s no opportunity with fans who are already satisfied with the quality of football they see now. If you expand leagues guess what is diluted? Level of play. That’s not cool to fans. No one wants to watch B league anything. That’s what this will be, plain and simple. This is overloading fan capacity to enjoy something because it removes a much needed break we need. If you endlessly pound your senses with anything they become desensitized. That’s why this never works no matter what people keep saying. They’re forgetting the human factor. We aren’t robots.

  2. I like the idea of a spring football league but the USFL and the XFL competing to gain attention won’t be good for either one of them. If they were smart they’d figure out a way to merge.

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