Brian Kilmeade to Kick Off New 7 pm Fox News Opinion Show

Early Monday, OutKick reported that Fox News would debut a new daily lineup on Monday, January 18. Among the key changes is a 7 p.m. opinion show, which will feature a rotating cast of personalities until a permanent host is named

OutKick has now learned from Fox News that Brian Kilmeade will be the first host of this opinion-focused hour, and will host it for the first full week.

It’s unclear if Kilmeade is in the running for the permanent spot, but he would be a logical go-to option. Kilmeade is known for the network’s morning show, Fox & Friends, which he has co-hosted since its debut in 1998. Kilmeade has since become a daily host of an opinion radio show on Fox News Radio and Fox Nation. He also routinely fills in on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Few Fox News aren’t familiar with Kilmeade.

While Fox News could look for outside options, it has a strong division of opinion personalities to consider. Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld co-host The Five and also host successful solo shows on the weekends. Will Cain and Pete Hegseth, two of the network’s fastest rising personalities, would do well solo or in a duo format together. Tammy Bruce and Lisa Boothe are common fill-ins for primetime. And Dan Bongino, a network contributor, is one of the industry’s biggest individual brands.

Early on, Fox News should focus on each guest host’s content, not the viewership. At 7 p.m. ET, viewers are accustomed to straight news. Regardless of who is in the chair, it will take time to see the growth expected with the new format.

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  1. Kilmeade is kind of a whiny bitch a lot. I can’t stand him on that morning show with that blonde chick who isn’t very smart and the cookbook guy. Yeah I watch sometimes if I’m up at 3am but I don’t like it. This won’t last long. Kilmeade will suck

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