‘Fox & Friends’ is a Massive, Nine-Figure Money-Maker

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CNN anchor Brian Stelter’s new book, “Hoax,” is 90% an extended hit piece on Fox News and President Donald Trump, his two favorite topics. Though, the angry author did report several interesting nuggets in the 368-page project

In the first chapter, Stetler reports that Fox News’ morning show, Fox & Friends, makes “well north of $100 million a year advertising.” A massive amount for a cable news program that is relatively cheap to produce.

The headline-making morning show pays its three hosts — Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade — at least $2 million a year, per book. I agree with Stelter’s reaction, for once: they are worth more. (Stelter did not specify if that is merely Kilmeade’s F&F salary. Kilmeade, among other assignments, also hosts a daily show on Fox News Radio.) Stalwart Sean Hannity makes $30 million per year, according to the book.

Fox & Friends is arguably the most influential show on cable news.

The primetime programs draw more viewers; however, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. F&F airs for three hours on weekdays and four on weekends. Including an early 6 am hour, a time half the country is still asleep. Opposed to the one-hour shows in primetime, Fox & Friends is not designed to be consumed in its entirety. Instead, it’s to attract a large number of viewers to at least a segment a day. That it does with a roughly 2 million average.

Furthermore, no show on TV attracts more politicians. This includes President Trump and nearly every significant member of the GOP. Morning shows set the tone for the day. As GMA does for the mainstream, Fox & Friends, seven days a week, does for political conversation.

In house, Fox News uses the vehicle to elevate various personalities. Those innings, on a show that impactful, are invaluable to the network.

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  1. Good article Bobby, but I wouldn’t separate GMA as mainstream and F&F as political. GMA host, George, has a long political career including 4 years as Clinton’s go to man in the WH. That show, as much of MSM does, reeks of politics.

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